Donald Trump ‘starts his official work day at 11am’, leaked schedules reveal

Donald Trump begins his official work day as late as 11am and is known to clock off at 6pm, leaked copies of his private schedule reportedly reveal. 

The US president often has ill-defined “executive time” scheduled in the early morning and at other points in the day, according to the political website Axios. 

The periods are used for Mr Trump to make phone calls, watch television and send tweets, it was claimed – often from his private residence in the White House. 

The late official start contrasts with Mr Trump’s early months in the White House and with previous presidents. 

George W Bush typically arrived in the Oval Office by 6.45am while Barack Obama would work out before holding meetings from 9am or 10am. 

A White House spokesman defended Mr Trump as “one of the hardest workers I have ever seen” and said he works when in the residence. 

The broadcaster said there were discussions about whether Mr Trump should give written response to questions or take part in a sit down interview.

Mr Mueller is looking into the Trump campaign’s communications with the Russians before the 2016 vote as well as wider concerns about election meddling. 

Mr Trump’s work practices and mental health have entered the spotlight after a controversial book about his White House called Fire and Fury. 

The book, written by journalist Michael Wolff, claimed that “100 per cent” of Mr Trump’s senior aides conclude he was “incapable of functioning in his job”.

Mr Wolff’s book claims that Mr Trump can be in bed by 6.30pm with a cheeseburger watching television and making calls.

There have also been numerous reports of Mr Trump spending the morning and evening hours phoning old friends and associates outside politics, as well as sending tweets which often appear to spin off from cable news. 

The White House has denounced Mr Wolff’s book in the strongest terms, dubbing it “trashy tabloid fiction".

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