Dixie Carter On Financial Trouble Rumors, Signing Former WWE Stars

TNA president Dixie Carter was recently interviewed by Renjith Ravindran for the Fan Garage during her trip to India. Carter spoke on the recent rumors of TNA’s financial problems, saying there’s a lot of incorrect information out there. Carter pointed to recent international partnerships as a sign that great things are happening in the company.

“You can’t react to the rumors about the financial situation. That’s the difficulty about being in my position. There’s so much incorrect information out there about the financial situation of TNA,” Carter said. “We are putting out some of the best television our company has ever put out and if you watch it you can tell, great things are happening to our company. We just announced some associations in the Middle East, we just announced Vietnam and a lot of similar announcements are rolling out.”

On the subject of signing former WWE stars, Carter says the company is focusing on growing home-grown talent. Carter says her roster and their wrestling are the best in the business, and mentions EC III, Rock Star Spud, Eli Drake and Bram. In addition to the home-grown talent, she says the company is still keeping an eye on what free agents are on the market.

“They’ve grown so much but I think we also did a fantastic job with people like Drew Galloway who was at the WWE and came in and completely relaunched himself,” Carter said. “There are definitely some incredibly talented wrestlers on the market right now and some will be available at some part of this year. And I do see ourselves talking to them. I think it would be exciting to bring a few into TNA.”

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