Deuce & Domino Dump Cherry, SmackDown Rating Takes A Dive, Edge & Jericho


— has an exclusive post-SmackDown video in which Deuce & Domino dump Cherry. Deuce & Domino appear to be aligned with SmackDown Diva Maryse now, as she is seen with them. After Deuce & Domino leave, Maryse gloats to Cherry on how she has everything and Cherry has nothing. Cherry responds to Maryse this time around though. You can see what happens at this link.

— Last night’s edition of SmackDown drew a 2.3 rating, tied for its lowest rating this year. The first hour drew a 2.1 and the second hour drew a 2.5. Despite the low rating, SmackDown still placed ahead of Fox, finishing in fourth place for the night.

Winnipeg Sun are interviewed Edge & Chris Jericho for an article promoting WWE’s tour of Canada this weekend. Edge talks about his philosophy on being a heel. “I tried to take the humour out, I wanted to have no redeeming social qualities,” Edge said. “I still had to be entertaining, but I didn’t want to be overly entertaining. I’m better, as J.R. would say, as the antagonist. This is a character, but there are elements of me in it. The sarcasm is part of me ramped up. I try to get into the fans’ heads. If I was sitting at home watching, I would hate me.” You can read the article at this link.

See rarely seen video of Cherry slapping Michelle McCool