Details on Changes To Season Two Of WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge

The way The WWE Mixed Match Challenge season two is likely to work is that it will be a round robin style tournament split initially into RAW and SmackDown divisions. Each of the five in each group will get four matches within their division, taking up ten weeks of programming since there will be two matches per episode per week now.
That would leave us with four weeks for the “playoffs” where presumably the top two teams from each brand would advance to and compete in what looks like to be an eight-team tournament with 4 quarterfinal matches, 2 semi-final matches and the finals spanning those four weeks.
The matches itself are rumored to last at least 15 minutes and will air immediately after SmackDown Live goes off the air, pushing 205 Live to start at around 10 30PM ET and cutting its overall run time by at least 10 minutes.

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