Detailed Off-Air Report From Last Night's WWE Raw In Philadelphia

Katie sent in the following report:

Hey, just got back from Philly, and the crowd was an amazing Philly crowd.

To start, they showed a long opening video detailing the history of WWE, big moments, celeb, charity, etc. Cena and McCain got booed while Obama was actually half and half, which shocked me considering he took PA with flying colors. Flair got a good pop, too.

Lilian came out to a great pop, and was well loved all night. She’s such a classy, talented woman, and Philly appreciates her. Tommy Dreamer, who is loved in these parts, got a win over Shelton Benjamin with a roll up. JR and Taz came out to great pops, with Taz getting a small ECW chant. Cole came out to heat, and Lawler got a pop with a Jerry chant.

During the breaks they did Sign of the Night and a few videos. Some notable signs were “Jillian Can’t Sing”, “Raw is Philly”, a few Cena signs, and my “Jillian Needs a Grammy” sign. My friend held that one up, and Todd commented “I think you need a haircut!” or something along those lines. It’s funny cause that’s the second time it’s gotten on SOTN, the last time in DC.

They showed a Jeff Hardy video, as well as a Cena one, and a Wrestlemania one too. They also did an “Awkward Moment of the Year” award from like, 1998 with JR and Taz, the infamous one where Taz tells JR “I’d slap you, but it already looks like God did.” They also had a commercial announcing Great American Bash is going to be in Philly, and it actually got booed cause they announced tickets go on sale TOMORROW, aka December 9th. That wasn’t taken too well by the crowd…

Jimmy Rollins from the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Phillies was there, and got TONS of chants/love during the breaks. We were hoping JR was gonna reach across and bitchslap MVP, but I guess you can’t win them all! lol

The Slammy thing wasn’t bad, a lot better than I actually expected/Philly reacted better than I thought they would. Vickie Guerrero got HUGE heat, so bad that we couldn’t hear her. The thing with Khali/Mickie got some “WTF?!” reactions. Joey Styles got a nice reaction, too. There was a big “Ring the Bell!” chant when Miz/Morrison were messing with Festus.

Santino read Beth a funny poem during one commercial break, and she kept yelling at him. It was pretty funny.

Also, R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler was a snoozefest. The crowd was getting antsy, and there were some “Boring!” chants in there.

After the show, not much happened, as HHH just got the crowd to cheer a little, then walked around shaking hands. Lilian thanked us for coming, and that was that. No dark match or anything. All in all, it was a pretty good show.

Most heat:

1. Vickie Guerrero
2. MVP
3. Jericho
4. Shawn after JBL came out

Biggest Pop:

1. Jeff Hardy
2. CM Punk
3. Joey Styles
4. HHH/Batista

Cena got a mixed reaction. Certainly not as many boos as in the past, but there’s still that one group that doesn’t like him who want their voices to be heard.

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