Destro Talks Teaching PCO About Frankenstein, Undertaker & More

D Destro, manager to NWA Tag Team Champion PCO, was recently on the WINCLY podcast on Wrestling INC., where he spoke about his past in strongman competitions, as well has giving PCO a lesson in film history.

Transcriptions via Ross Kelly at Wrestling INC.

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“I was doing feats of strength and I tied him with chains on the squat cage,” said D Destro. “When he came out he was walking like Frankenstein. I said, ‘Hey man, you’re Frankenstein.’ He’s like, ‘Who’s Frankenstein?’

“I was like, ‘What! You don’t know Frankenstein!?’ So I showed him the 1931 movie of Frankenstein as he had the walk and height of Frankenstein. What I like about Frankenstein is that he’s a good monster. He only gets mad when people laugh at him. He’s always kind to children, so I always liked that monster. And now I have a friend that looks like him!”

Destro has known PCO for some time, and spoke about past attempts the wrestler made to get Destro into the wrestling business.

“He asked me about 20 years ago to help him but I really wasn’t into strongman and feats of strength [contests]. My children were also young so I didn’t want to go in that part of his life.

“When he came back [in 2016], my kids were older and PCO came in my life at a good time. He came to me and I said, ‘Yes, I want to help you.’ In my mind I wanted to help him bring back the fan in me that loved wrestling as a kid.”

Destro also talked about loving the Undertaker, and how he thinks Taker and PCO would have a great match.

“I like The Undertaker too. I’ve always been a big fan of him and the style I like is The Undertaker.”

“I think PCO would be a good guy for Undertaker and put on a big show with him. They are two characters of the darkness if you want. If it comes one day, PCO would wrestle a good match with Undertaker because PCO is in top shape to wrestle and would make him look real good.”

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