Del Rio Concussion Update, Jim Ross Says You Can't Manufacture Top Stars

– Alberto Del Rio noted on Twitter that he’ll be in action at tonight’s WWE Live Event from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Del Rio has been out of action for a few weeks after suffering a concussion during a match with Sin Cara on RAW.

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at In this installment, JR spoke at length about how tough it is for young people to break into the wrestling business and why WWE’s Performance Center is not necessarily the best route for discovering the next Steve Austin or The Rock:

“Unfortunately, nothing is ever going to replace gaining experience working in front of paying customers no matter how large or small the ‘house’ may be. Today’s talents don’t have multiple territories in which to learn their craft and that is going to affect the genre adversely over time and actually already is …”

“Fans are dying for new attractions on every wrestling TV that airs. These attractions and new stars don’t grow on trees and are next to impossible to manufacture. I’m not even sure that they can be manufactured to last over the long haul. It’s a combined effort of the athletic, young talents who want to play on the first team IE be a star and the daily coaching and mentoring that they receive. Coaches in the genre can’t teach “IT” but they should be able to identify “IT” and at that point heavily invest in the individual.”

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