DDP Talks Freebirds In The Hall of Fame, Bischoff's Reaction To Kimberly Nude

Diamond Dallas Page was recently a guest on The Steve Austin Show, where Stone Cold Steve Austin asked DDP about The Fabulous Freebirds being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday. Page made his WCW debut in 1991 as The Freedbirds’ manager.

“When I think of the Birds, because when I came in to WCW, you remember, bro, I got to manage the latest Freebirds, it was always Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin, so I was really happy to see Jimmy go in the [WWE] Hall Of Fame too because he was one hell of a talent. And those guys together, they were so much fun. They taught me so much on the road,” DDP said

“Hayes [and] those guys could drink,” the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion continued, “like, you know I come from the nightclub business, and I drank my fair share of a lot of booze, but when you hung out with those guys, it went to a different level.”

Austin and Page also looked back at what may have been DDP’s biggest feud in WCW with the late ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Page revealed how his ex-wife Kimberly’s nude modelling lead to Page getting a push from WCW creative into a storyline with Savage on TV.

“At the time, Kimberly had done that Celebrity Nudes. She was the first Playboy chick [from the world of professional wrestling]. What they did was they shot this spread with her and they asked me to be in it! Now, I’m bottom of the middle of the card at the time. You know me, bro. If I get the opportunity to do something that’s going to shock some people, I’m going to go with it, so I went and I shot this thing with her where I’m putting on my boots [and] she’s slipping into something. And they loved the photoshoot so much they asked us to come back and shoot again because they were going to give her a six-page spread. So I tell [Eric] Bischoff right before this goes down and he’s like, ‘are you crazy? You’ve got a morality clause in your contract. They can fire you!’ I go, ‘well, then, they fire me! Maybe Vince will do something with it!’ And then, it sort of just went away and that came back as the angle that Randy Savage brought out the Playboy with Liz spray painted over Kim’s nipples and butt and then she came out all spray painted nWo! And then, boom, that starts her angle with Savage.”

You can listen to the full podcast here.

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