CWCH: Lokomotiv and Sada meets again in final! Trentino out!

Men’s Club World Championships are coming to an end. Today we see European and Southamerican battles. First finalist is Sada Cruzeiro, after overcoming Argentinian UPCN San Juan. Trentino with rebuilt roster won’t defend title the best team in the world, losing with Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, which becomes second finalist.

UPCN San Juan – Sada Cruzeiro 0-3 (22-25 18-25 20-25)
UPCN: Gonzalez, Olteanu (9), Santos (9), Theo (9), Filardi (5), Ramos (9), Garrocq (L) and Tell, Fernandez
Sada: Wiliam Arjona, Leal (12), Issac (1), Wallace (20), Ferraz (5), Eder (6), Serginho (L) and Vinhedo, Paulo Victor, Douglas (7)

UPCN took an 8-6 lead at the first TTO with block by Javier Filardi and the attack by Theo Lopes. Sada Cruzeiro recovered to take a 16-14 margin at the second TTO behind the spikes and block of Yoandry Leal. Then it was time for Wallace Souza to keep the difference. At 24-22, Souza scored with a diagonal shot for the 25-22 score in favor of the home club.
Sada Cruzeiro was in front 8-4 and 16-13 at the technical time-outs of the second set, with Souza producing some impressive serves and the attacks by Douglas Cordeiro down the middle. At 17-15, Souza scored off the UPCN block and Olteanu crashed his spike into the net for a 19-15 score. At 24-18, Souza scored his fourth ace of the match for the 25-18 difference.
UPCN was in front in early going of the third set thanks to the attacks by Jose Santos, Lopes and Alexandru Olteanu but it didn’t take much time for Sada to be in front 8-6 at the first TTO. The home team increased the margin to 16-11 at the second mandatory pause. Souza continued firing cannon shots as the home team widened the margin to 20-14. The set closed 25-20 when the serve by Santos went landed out of bounds.

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeReceptionDigsErrorsUPCN3955%2027%1524Sada3964%5741%1919


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrorsTheo Lopes9844%5109Wallace De Souza201560%4145

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk – Trentino Diatec 3-1 (25-27 26-24 25-21 25-23)
Lokomotiv: Butko (4), Camejo (17), Volvich (6), Moroz (15), Divis (12), Astashenkov (10), Golubev (L) and Zhilin, Leonenko (3)
Trentino: Suxho (4), Lanza (11), Birarelli (10), Sokolov (21), Ferreira (16), Burgsthaler (3), Colacci (L) and Sintini, Sole (3)

Four spikes by Sokolov and the big block by Filippo Lanza against Pavel Moroz gave Trentino the lead 8-6. Lokomotiv tied at 8-8 with spikes by Oreol Camejo and Moroz. At 15-all, Sokolov’s tip attempt was blocked by Artem Volvich. Lanza attacked from the back court to tie the score at 16. The big duel saw teams tied at 20-20. At 22-21 following a soft tip by Lukas Divis in a battle at the net, a red card was showed to Trentino’s setter Donald Suxho. The Italian club tied at 24 with the spike by Alexandre Ferreira following Suxho’s serve. Volvich and Camejo committed consecutive net violations to give Trentino the first set 27-25.

Two blocks by Camejo against Ferreira gave Lokomotiv a 4-2 margin in the second set. Trentino tied right away with attack and ace by Sokolov and Ferreira. Camejo and Moroz combined their spikes sending the Russian club to an 8-6 advantage. At 12-9, Ferreira parlayed attack and ace to close within one point. Then his serve sailed long and Sokolov’s attack went out of bounds. Lokomotiv led 16-13 at the second TTO and went on to take it 25-21.

In the third set, Trentino took an 8-5 lead following the block by Birarelli against Moroz and Suxho’s accurate volley landing in the middle of the opponent’s side. The Russian side recovered and tied at 11-all when Ferreira was blocked by Camejo. Burgsthaler’s attack sailed long and Lanza hit out of bounds for a 15-13 score. Then Volvich blocked Lanza for the three-point advantage of Lokomotiv at the second TTO. Sokolov’s spike off the block narrowed the gap to 23-22. Divis and Sokolov traded hits and Trentino tied at 24-all with an opponent error at the net. Then Divis attacked and Butko served a laser shot to close at 26-24.

Sebastian Sole and Sokolov contributed heavily to an 8-4 advantage of Trentino in the fourth set. At 8-5, Trentino scored three points in a row including one ace by Lanza. Lokomotiv cut the distance at 13-11 when Camejo blocked Ferreira. Again was Camejo blocking Sokolov this time to close in at 14-13. Trentino recovered to arrive into the second TTO leading 16-14.  Lokomotiv evened the score at 18-18 when Ferreira attacked too long following a positive spike by Nikolay Leonenko. Sokolov broke the evened score but Leonenko answered back. Volvich blocked Sokolov’s spike but the Bulgarian recovered to tie at 21. Birarelli scored on a quick set down the middle ann Lokomotiv called for time trailing 23-22. Camejo tied the score again and Sokolov attacked out of bounds for match point of Lokomotiv. Then Volvich blocked Sokolov for the set 25-23 and the win 3-1.

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeReceptionDigsErrorsLokomotiv5257%12334%2527Trentino5553%8539%3034


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrorsOreol Camejo171267%3505Tsvetan Sokolov211951%101113

Descriptions: FIVB

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