Complete Details On William Regal Appearing at WWN Live Tryouts and EVOLVE Event, Regal Comments is reporting the following:

“NXT General Manager William Regal will be scouting talent and imparting his knowledge to up-and-coming wrestlers this Friday, Dec. 8, in Long Island, N.Y., at WWN’s all-day Seminar/Tryout before making a special appearance the next night at EVOLVE 96 in Queens, N.Y.

This Friday’s WWN Seminar/Tryout is for any wrestler, referee or general manager who has completed a training course. Participants will be scouted, evaluated and educated by Regal and EVOLVE management.

At least one individual will be selected to become an NXT extra, provided all documents are completed in the correct manner. Additionally, a background check may be administered. More information about the Seminar/Tryout is available here.

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“I will be at the WWN Seminar/Tryout on Dec. 8 and EVOLVE on Dec. 9 for a reason,” Regal said about this weekend’s events. “I’ll be there to represent WWE as we keep a pulse on the talent that will lead the business into and throughout 2018. We value the independent wrestling scene, and it’s our goal to strengthen it.”

In addition to watching independent wrestling’s top competitors Saturday night at EVOLVE 96, Regal will be available to fans for pictures and autographs before the live event. You can get more information about the show by clicking here, and tickets for EVOLVE 96 can be purchased now at Use the code “NXTGM” to receive 20 percent off tickets!

There will also be a second EVOLVE show this weekend, occurring Sunday, Dec. 10, in Melrose, Mass. Click here for more details about EVOLVE 97, and use the code “NXTGM” to get 20 percent off tickets at”