Cody Takes A Shot On A Twitter User About His Time in Bullet Club

Ever since Cody Rhodes signed with ROH back in 2016, he has been making headlines all over the wrestling world and he has been making more money than he used to when he was still working for WWE. He is also more bigger and well known than he ever was especially when he immediately joined one of the most, if not the most popular and greatest factions ever in the wrestling world known as The Bullet Club. 
Unfortunately, The Bullet Club has been having problems within the faction as of late and a user on Twitter tweeted Cody Rhodes that since he joined the Bullet Club the group has been on a slow decline. Cody Rhodes didn’t take those comments lightly and he definitely didn’t agree. Cody immediately took to Twitter and took a shot on that Twitter user as he listed off a number of reasons why that person was incorrect such as Hot Topic, Funkos and  his title wins.
You can see the tweets from both the user and Cody below:


The bullet club started it’s slow death the day you joined
— Easy Peasy (@Stromblie) February 15, 2018


Totally agree. The unprecedented interest in the faction, the third party retailers who moved wwe merchandise so they could sell ours, the over ten internationally recognized titles amongst the faction…oh and the funkos.
It’s a grim tale.
Get the fuck outta’ here.
— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) February 15, 2018

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