Cody Rhodes Talks About Possibility Of "All In 2" Event, ROH Title Match, G1 Special

As noted, Cody Rhodes recently took part in a media conference call to promote the NJPW G1 Special on AXS TV, where he will challenge Kenny Omega for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Featured below are some additional highlights from the call.

On possibly winning the ROH World Title, which could set himself up to enter the G1 special as the ROH Champion against IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega: “As far as the Ring Of Honor World title heading into the G1 Special, I have these title matches. I have the Ring Of Honor one at Best In The World: Baltimore [Maryland], June 29th [2018], the day before my birthday. July 7th [2018] on AXS TV, what we’re talking about today, I have the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. And then, at All In, the show I’m executive producing, I have the NWA World’s Championship title match. So the world is not enough for someone like me. The character you see in the screen is very not… there’s not much difference. I think that might disappoint some people, I’m a bit of a dick in real life. And I don’t want to go 0-3. I don’t want to go 1-3. I don’t want to go 2-3. I want to go 3-3. I want to take this completely and it would mean a great deal to show up at Bay City [California], The Cow Palace, on AXS TV as Ring Of Honor Champion. And I think it would also be really good for Ring Of Honor. The Dalton Castle experiment didn’t pay off and this is my opportunity to get back to where I was because as their Champion, and even not as their Champion, I’ve continued to grow their business. And they’re very grateful for it and I’m very grateful for them. It’s an opportunity for me. But yeah, I’d very much like to show up and be able to hold my title up alongside [Omega’s] and see where it gets us.”

On a possible “All In 2” event: “If I said anything, I’d have to sue myself with the amount of [nondisclosure agreements] that I’ve signed for my own damn show. Okay, let’s just focus on All In 1 or All In itself and let’s see. I can confirm that we’ve been approached about an All In 2, which if you really look at it, strip away what the first one is, that was a big check to write. And it did come from three people and we split it, but having to buy insurance for a building, having to form a budget… my goal is not to be a [pro] wrestling promoter. I don’t think it’s my goal unless I’m pretty good at it, which I don’t know. Maybe we will be. But we’ll get through All In in Chicago [Illinois] and then we’ll see.”

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