Cody Rhodes on Why He’s Not Building AEW’s Roster with Ex-WWE Talent

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on The Jim Ross Report, where he talked about a variety of pro wrestling topics. One of those topics of course was AEW, his new company that’s currently under construction from the ground up.

Rhodes was asked about whether or not using ex-WWE Superstars had been a goal for crafting AEW’s first talent roster.

“No and I would honestly kind of jokingly say it’s currently about five percent and I’m talking Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and Cody Rhodes. A few others, maybe. It’s not the same. Having that equity with WWE is wonderful, but like we were talking, you’ve gotta be able to cut it and meet the standard that people have for their actual bell-to-bell contest. That number might increase, there being this opportunity that exists for the boys and girls to make more money, here or there, or wherever.”

Cody’s answer is surely intriguing, mostly because it seems to suggest that former WWE stars are perhaps not the sort of talents that AEW wants in terms of actual wrestling. That may be a generalization of course, but it’s obvious that WWE”s main roster style typically does not match the style of many top independent pro wrestling companies.

Many of those indie stars are coming to AEW of course, so the differences between the new venture and Vince McMahon’s company will be obvious and well pronounced from day one.

AEW is beginning with the whole world watching and there’s been more buzz surrounding this pro wrestling company than any in recent memory. While AEW has yet to run its first event or publicly announce a TV deal, both are reportedly on the way soon. Double or Nothing will take place on May 25, followed by Fyter Feast on June 29 and Fight for the Fallen on July 13. AEW’s first television home is expected to be revealed by the fall of 2019.

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The Jim Ross Report

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