CIA Torture Whistleblower Wants to Know: 'Where's the Prosecution?'

John Kiriakou, the former CIA agent and whistleblower who was jailed for revealing secrets about the CIA torture program, wants to know why there’s been no accountability for the brutal crimes now-documented in the Senate Intelligence Committee report.

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In a phone interview from Loretto Prison in Pennsylvania, Kiriakou told The Intercept’s Andrew Jerell Jones that after the report’s release, his cousin had printed the over 500-page unclassified executive summary of the report and mailed it to him in five separate envelopes.

Kiriakou, an 18-year veteran of the CIA who in 2007 revealed to news media some of the first details about the agency’s widespread use of torture, said that the primary thing that shocked him upon reading the Senate report is that agents, some of whom acted without authorization and whose crimes are now widely documented, continue to walk free.

“We knew about the waterboarding, we knew about the cold cells, we knew about the loud music and the sleep deprivation. We knew about all the things that have been ‘approved’ by the Justice Department,” Kiriakou said. “But what we didn’t know was what individual CIA officers were doing on their own without any authorization. And I would like to know why those officers aren’t being prosecuted.”

When asked about the brutal treatment of detainees, namely Afghan prisoner Gul Rahman, who was killed in the prison, Kirakou said: “The man was murdered in cold blood, so where’s the prosecution? You come home, you murder somebody in cold blood, you get a promotion and a $2,500 bonus. That is not the message we ought to be sending.”