Christian Calls Becky Lynch The Hottest Act In “The Entire Wrestling Business”

Former-World Heavyweight Champion Christian was recently interviewed by The Express. During the conversation, Christian brought up the women’s division in WWE, saying that its very likely the women of WWE will headline WrestleMania. Christian even called Becky Lynch the hottest act in “the entire wrestling business.”

“On our podcast we said probably six months or so ago that it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to see the women headline WrestleMania this year. And I think this would be the year to do it. I think that we have the huge superstar like Ronda Rousey whose track record speaks for itself and also the great matches that she’s put on in WWE. And I think Becky Lynch at this point in time is probably the hottest act in not just the women’s division but the entire wrestling business – coupled with the talent of Charlotte, obviously one of the top women’s stars as well.”

Source :

The Express

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