Chris Jericho Says He's Loyal to WWE But is Open to Wrestling Elsewhere

— Chris Jericho recently appeared on the #DuhCast with James Ellsworth and Dennis Farrell. In it, he spoke on a variety of subjects, including how long he sees himself wrestling for and any potential involvement with Impact Wrestling or any other wrestling promotions. Below are some highlights:

How long does he see himself wrestling for

“It’s something I don’t ever really think about. In this day and age, it doesn’t really matter. Great matches are fine in wrestling but most important it’s connecting with the audience and characters and personality and charisma. I’ve been very blessed that I’ve never been injured once and I’m still wrestling at the level that I’ve set for myself. If the time ever came where I had a match or a string of matches where it wasn’t up to Chris Jericho’s standards, I would step aside gracefully. To this day to the last match I had, we didn’t have the best match on the show but we had the second best match on the show. Any match that I have on any show, if I don’t feel I have the potential to have one of the best matches, I would bow out. “

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His interest in Impact Wrestling & other promotions

“When someone says ‘would you ever go to Impact, would you ever go to Ring Of Honor, would you ever go here there or wherever?’ Yeah sure, why not? If its creatively satisfying, if it’s something that I can really sink my teeth into, something that I can really enjoy, then why wouldn’t I give it a try?. At this point, I’ve done everything I could ever do in wrestling. I have a loyalty to WWE but not a death wish with them or anything like that where by hook or by crook I have to be with the WWE. I think part of the fun of what’s going on right now in the business is there’s a real resurgence with independent wrestling and independent companies and it really gives the WWE a real kick in the ass when people go other places. You have guys like Kenny and the Young Bucks and Cody, people that are walking away and choosing not to sign with WWE which was never an option five or ten years ago. It was all about working with the WWE and signing with the WWE now its like, ‘You know what? The WWE is there but once you have the chance to go somewhere else and do some work elsewhere, that kind of takes your career and your life in a different direction.”

On potential talks with Impact Wrestling

“So I haven’t spoken to anybody at TNA and I’m not saying I would ever go there but I’m not saying I wouldn’t and I’m not saying I wouldn’t go to WWE or I wouldn’t go to New Japan or go wherever. To me, it’s all about helping to change the business in a lot of ways and if there’s a way to do it by being a little bit of a ‘revolutionary’ then why not? Let’s go for it, man. This is show business, it’s entertainment, it’s the Wild West. There’s no rules and nobody says that you have to work in the WWE or you don’t have to work there. Independent wrestling at this point in time is bigger than it’s ever been. And that’s a good place for me to be in, for James Ellsworth to be in or Kenny Omega, everybody else that’s kind of ‘independent guy.’ Now’s the time to be independent because you really can go make a real good living and make a difference outside of the WWE bubble which hasn’t been something that you could do for years since the highlight of WCW back in ’98-’99. So it’s an exciting time for everybody involved.”

His loyalty to WWE and whether he will still have the same loyalty to the next regime that runs WWE

“Here’s the misconception. Of course, I have loyalty to Vince and loyalty to the WWE as it’s where my home has been for 18 years. But when I made that move to New Japan, I kinda saw the other world, of this whole crop of legitimate top main event guys that have no interest in going to WWE. I kind of dig that. I’m loyal to the WWE but I’ll work anywhere at this point. The time of me saying ‘I’ll never work anywhere in the States except for Vince McMahon’ is gone. Because now it’s a whole new world, it’s a different market, it’s exciting that there’s a choice and an option for guys to go.”

— He also talks about how his generation of wrestlers doesn’t really with the old guys or the new guys but that ultimately he would prefer to wrestle with the young guys like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor rather than have nostalgic acts against Triple H or the Undertaker.