Chelsea Green Talks Her Tough Enough Experience, ALL IN And How They Came Up With The Match, More

Top independent star, Chelsea Green was a recent guest on the E&C Pod Of Awesomeness where she talked about her career, including ALL IN weekend.

On her Tough Enough experience:

“It was tough because I went in there thinking I want this job and what I should have done in retrospect, I should have been thinking I need to be the most entertaining. But I wasn’t thinking like that, I thought they brought me on because I am the only female wrestler that they wanted and they wanted me to show the girls that they can’t wrestle and I can. That’s what I did, I won all the wrestling challenges but I wasn’t entertaining because I thought if I caused drama, WWE would think that I cause drama. But WWE wanted to see that you could be put on Total Divas and bring in the ratings and I don’t think I brought that.”

On independent companies working together:

“I did a press conference right before, collaboration is the future. We are never going to beat WWE, they have the money and the power and everything they need to be the top dog so why not instead of seperatley trying to beat them, come together? The vibe, even wrestling there you could tell everyone was there for a reason which was to support independent wrestling. I’ve never felt that way before, it was really cool, every single match on the card was one I would have paid to see.”

On her ALL IN experience and coming up with the match:

“Out of everything I have done in my career that was the highlight for me, that was probably my best moment. It was a cool moment, I hit the Canadian Destroyer which I put in purposely, I pinned Tessa and she kicked out. The referee told me to take a minute and soak it up and I was nearly crying, I have never felt that way, they appreciated everything we were doing it was so worth it. A lot of people came to us after, we didn’t have an agent, that was the four of us who came up with that, we made sure each person has a “Holy Shit” moment and we are going to jam pack it with stuff, we wanted them to think, “Oh my god, that was so good… and they are women.”

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E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness