Channing Tatum: 'Go out and vote' for Doug Jones

Actor Channing Tatum posted a video on his Instagram on Tuesday urging young Alabamians to “go out and vote” for Democratic special election candidate Doug Jones.

Tatum, who is from Alabama, said that he is supporting Jones over GOP nominee Roy Moore in the Senate vote on Tuesday. Moore is facing allegations from at least nine women of sexual misconduct or assault when they were teenagers.

More than anything i just want young people to go out and vote.


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“Usually, I’m not a political person,” he said in the video. “For the record, I’m not a liberal, Democrat or Republican. I am my own mind and my own heart and that is more complex than red and blue.”

But “Roy Moore’s done things, in my opinion, that go beyond the line of trust,” the actor said, while Jones “has been an advocate on behalf of helping people his whole life.”

Tatum geared his message toward younger Alabamians, telling them, “They don’t think students are going to go out and vote, so prove them wrong.”

“It’s important for Alabama. It’s important for America.”

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