Champions League: Zaksa in Final Four!

Without golden set, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle managed to beat Arkas Izmir and secure their tickets to Final Four 2013.



The beginning of the game was equal, but a little bit nervous. Zaksa gained a little leverage on the first TTO (8:6) and enlarged it right after. Arkas improved efficiency, blocked Fonteles and got closer to Zaksa. However, the guests took back their lead on the second TTO and after that, Fonteles scored one point with service and failed during another try. João Paulo Bravo replaced Gordon Perrin. Liberman Agamez scored an impressive series of three aces. For a moment it was dangerous for Zaksa, but with help of Gladyr and Rouzier they won the first set 25:23.

Bravo stayed in the team for the second set, but he had problems with his attack. On the other hand, Agamez was very effective. Izmir also had good defense, but Zaksa was leading again on the first TTO. Zagumny blocked Subasi, but Agamez made a tie and Subasi score one point that gave his team a lead on the second TTO. Izmir had a good service and attack, but Rouzier also had a great day. After an ace by Fonteles and a mistake of the hosts, Zaksa was happy to end this part of the game 25:21.

Arkas Izmir started better during another part (5:3) and Castellani took a break. Zaksa won long action and arbiter made a mistake and gave unearned point to Izmir. Agamez let his team to drive away (10:6), but a good service from Gladyr and Fonteles reduced that distance. However, the hosts felt the opportunity there and after blocking Michal Ruciak they gave themselves some more hope for the Champions League finals.

Zaksa had to regroup themselves to win this, so they began with a hard strike (5:3). Perrin got one point and Rouzier brought the first TTO with the result 4:8.Fonteles blocked by three opponents. Kedzierzyn was keeping the distance, despite of a difficult situation and good game of a Turkish team. Fonteles rebuilt the lead. Agamez failed on the wing and it was 13:16 during the second TTO. Perrin was blocked and Zaksa got 20th point. After that, guest had an incredible series of blocks and they won this whole game 3:1 and advanced to Final Four 2013.

Arkas Izmir – ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle 1:3  (23:25, 21:25, 25:21, 19:25)



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