Cesaro visiting dental surgeon, expected back this week

According to those close to the situation, Cesaro did not get his teeth cracked or knocked out when he went mouth first into the post last night after taking a catapult into the corner spot by Dean Ambrose.

What actually happened is that the blow caused Cesaro’s front teeth to be jammed into his gums.

According to someone familiar with this type of situation, the teeth possibly could be saved by having oral surgery to pull the teeth down and stabilize them, although that would require a root canal. But it was noted in a WWE.com post that Cesaro will see “a maxillofacial surgeon today, most likely removing the teeth and then having some implants made” and that they hope to have him back in action by mid-week.

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The injury took place at last night’s No Mercy pay-per-view in Los Angeles where Cesaro & Sheamus were challenging Ambrose & Seth Rollins in a match for the Raw Tag Team titles. Cesaro wrestled much of the match badly bleeding from the mouth, and it appeared that his teeth had been knocked out. He later posted photos of his injury after the match was over.