Cesaro On His Tag Run With Sheamus, Feuding With The Shield, His Tooth Injury, Dream Opponents

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro recently spoke with The National, and below are some interview highlights:

On his tag team partnership with Sheamus:

“We are two-time Tag team champions right now [Cesaro was speaking before he and Sheamus won the tag titles for a third time in London on November 6] feuding with the Shield. We were the reason that the Shield had to reunite. So it feels good to feel I am on top of my game and better than ever.”

On feuding with the Shield and Kurt Angle:

“It was kind of cool to be in the middle of this all and it just shows that me and Sheamus are a very valued force. That Seth and Dean felt they had to bring Roman back. Of course it is cool to be part of that because the Shield is very fondly thought of by the WWE universe.

“The fact that Kurt Angle had to jump in [Angle was brought in a replacement for Reigns, who was ill, for the TLC Network Special in October] was great. When I was growing up I was a big fan of Kurt Angle so it was cool stepping in the ring with him.

“I hope it happens again [getting in the ring with Angle]so I can turn the tables and send him through the table so to speak.”

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On his injury to his teeth at No Mercy in September:

“Well, I knew I hit my teeth really hard [against the ring post]and I just felt all the blood. There was so much flowing and I couldn’t stop it.

“But I was full of adrenaline and every time you have a title match on a network special, pardon the pun, it is special, and I just wanted to win those tag titles and get through the match. I feel that if you are a true competitor nothing will stop you and some teeth shoved up my jaw certainly didn’t stop me.”

On dream matches and future opponents:

“I have been in the ring pretty much with everyone that is on the main roster. I am not that big of a fantasy person. I prefer myself to think of living in the real world. Therefore I look at opponents I have already been in the ring with that I would like to get in the ring with again. Maybe they have evolved in a certain way [since last meeting].

“For example, Jinder Mahal I was in the ring with four or five months ago at a network special and since then he became WWE champion so I would obviously like to see how he has evolved since then.”

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