Canada's iHeartRadio Stations Rebrand As 'Move'

Bell Media is hoping Canadians will be moved by its new network of adult contemporary radio stations.

The broadcast giant is rebranding 10 iHeartRadio stations as “Move” starting the first week of January. The new stations will be:

  • Vancouver’s MOVE 103.5
  • Ottawa’s MOVE 100
  • Halifax’s MOVE 100
  • Brockville’s MOVE 104.9
  • Fredericton’s MOVE 106.9
  • Kelowna’s MOVE 101.5
  • Kingston’s MOVE 98.3
  • Niagara’s MOVE 105.7
  • Penticton’s MOVE 97.1
  • Peterborough’s MOVE 99.7

Bell Media says the rebranded stations will keep their familiar morning shows, and will feature non-stop music during nine-to-five hours.


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On weekends, the stations will have “a mix of great local programming” as well as the American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest. 

Bell Media licensed the iHeartRadio brand from U.S.-based iHeartCommunications, formerly known as Clear Channel, in 2016. The U.S. company operates 855 radio stations.

Bell Media owns more than 100 radio stations across Canada, including the Virgin Radio, Bob FM, Rouge FM and TSN Sports brands.

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