Brock Lesnar Reportedly Gets in Altercation with Vince McMahon

WrestleMania was headlined by the Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar match for the Universal Championship. The company has been planning the match for quite some time with numerous rumors suggestig that Reigns would win the title before Lesnar leaves the company in order to return to UFC. Given that the nature of the feud between Lesnar and Reigns and the “part timer vs. full timer dynamic, it was rather surprising for most fans when Lesnar actually managed to retain his Championship after hitting six F5s during the title match. WrestleMania went off the air with Roman Reigns left beaten and bloodied before he was finally able to walk to the back on his own power. 
Brock Lesnar still remains the Universal a Champion, and while his status with WWE still remains a mystery as of right now, it appears that Lesnar may have caused a bit of commotion after his match came to an end. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lesnar apparently got into a verbal altercation with Vince McMahon not long after he walked back through the curtain after retaining his championship. Lesnar was reportedly infuriated when he walked backstage, but details on why he was upset at the moment are still unconfirmed. Lesnar did legitimately cut Reigns open with some stiff shots to the head during the match, but the anger is reportedly coming from Lesnar and not Vince.
The Chairman was said to be upset as well with each passing moment of the altercation. The incident was reportedly very brief but extremely heated. Lesnar also apparently threw the Universal Championship either at a wall or at McMahon himself. As mentioned, exact details on why Lesnar was upset after his match have not been revealed as of right now, and his status for Monday Night Raw tonight may be in doubt as a result of the incident. The timing of this incident between Lesnar and McMahon is interesting given that no news on “The Beast Incarnate” singing a new deal with WWE had been reported. With UFC President Dana White in attendance for WrestleMania yesterday, Lesnar’s status is something to keep an eye on.

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