Bret Hart Speaks On His Book, Steroids In Wrestling, His Family, Women, More

There is an in-depth article with Bret Hart on The Barrie Advance web site out of Canada. The article is promoting Hart’s autobiography with him offering several quotes. Below are the highlights:

Bret on the goal of his autobiography: “I think as I lived my life and as I went through different tragedies, like even my brother Owen’s death and all that, it just became so surreal. And I thought people would really want to know what it was like to be me. And I started realizing that I had a pretty interesting story, if I could just put it into words and spit it all out, it might be a really fascinating read for somebody. I thought, ‘jeez, I could probably write a book about myself,’ because it’s pretty fast paced and it’s full of a lot of twists and turns and a lot of villains and a lot of backstabbing and a lot of politics. You know, I think the whole experience was pretty incredible sometimes.”

Regarding problems with Hart family members: “You get that (jealousy) in every family, I guess, with different siblings. I just think that the problems in my family aren’t that much different that everyone else. Most people say have, like, four in a family. They might have one person out of that four that everyone in the family doesn’t get along with, one black sheep … if you magnify that to a family of 12, then you’ve got three or four people who you clash with, ego-wise.”

Opinion of steroids: “There’s no reason to be taking steroids … especially in a business where it’s a pre-determined outcome. It’s irrelevant how you look sometimes, especially as far as steroids go. If you lift weights, and you train really hard, you will look fine. For most of my career I looked pretty good without steroids. And if there’s any lessons to be learned from the last few years is that they really don’t need steroids in wrestling. They should abolish them, and wipe them out, and hopefully they will.”

On Women being his weakness on the road instead of drugs: “I think if I had done anything different than the way I did it, I don’t think I would have made it. I just had to do whatever it was to take care of my brain first, just to make sure in my mind I didn’t get too depressed. I think you could easily get laid low by depression and sad feelings, and being homesick. You’re missing everything at home, you’re missing your kids. The only other way to cope with that kind of life sometimes was just to throw a couple of pills in your mouth, and zonk out, and wash them down with a few beers and everything just goes away, and you kind of stagger up to your room and flop out on your bed, and you sleep and you get up and do it again the next day. I’m so glad I didn’t fall into that routine. I might have been morally a better person, maybe I would have been faithful, but I might not have survived. I think, in the end, I used a lot of the people I knew from different places and situations to take me away from the depression of being away from home all the time.”

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