Bret Hart Book Quotes: Cheating, Abuse, Drugs

Source: The Calgary Sun

Bret Hart’s autobiography is now available in Canada and will be released in the United States early next year. The book has been described as a “brutally honest” account of his life in the industry. Canadian newspaper “The Calgary Sun” has published an article that contains a lot of direct quotes from the book. Here are some of the more interesting items:

Drugs in WWE: “When I was working for my Dad, I didn’t have to poison my body, I didn’t need it. But when I got to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), everyone was doing it. And Dynamite and Davey Boy were making three to four times the money I was. If I didn’t take them, I wouldn’t have a career.”

Cheating on his wife: “My release, my amnesia, or maybe my anaesthesia, was women. Sex seemed like the lesser of all the sins that lay in wait for us. I knew for certain that this was going to be a long road ahead. I was 27 and I was never going to survive it if I didn’t find some female company. I felt truly terrible about being unfaithful. It was so weird: I was on top of the world but ashamed of myself at the same time.”

His abusive father: “Stu (my father) had a temper so fierce that some would consider his corporal punishment child abuse. Too many times I limped around bruised and battered, my eyeballs red and ruptured because of his discipline. On more than a few occasions, I thought I was going to die. Corporal punishment was more common in those days. He was a product of his time, trying to deal with 12 kids all as wild and out of control as we were.”

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