Both RAW & Smackdown! Taping In Europe & Chyna Appearance Photos

Tickets are currently on sale for the WWE SummerSlam Tour in Australia. Featuring, Edge, Batista, Rey Mysterio, King Booker, Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy, Kane, Snitsky, Kevin Thorn & Sabu with more talent to be announced. WNA have re-opened our tour forum to discuss the Perth tour.

Smackdown! & RAW will both return to Europe in October when RAW will be taped Monday, October 15th, in Birmingham U.K. Smackdown! will be taped the next night, October 16th, in Birmingham U.K.

Joseph Stedman sent along the following:

Several photos have popped up on the internet from Chyna’s appearance on Howard Stern yesterday. She actually looks much better than anything I have seen recently of her. At least she doesn’t appear to be her normal “trainwreck” self.

All New Photos Of Chyna From The Howard Stern Show