Bobby Lashley Talks About Haters In WWE, Working With TNA, Lesnar-Mir & More

Last night, Bobby Lashley took part in a chat session with Lashley is currently training for his fight against Bobb Sapp on June 27th. To read the entire chat log, click here. Here’s what Lashley said about:

Haters in WWE: “I believe there were people there who didn’t want me there and they were able to use their power there and get me out. And I wanted to fight!”

Working With TNA: TNA really wants to work with me and they give me the opportunity to travel and train, so I may do TNA early in my career.”

WWE Stars Who Could Do MMA: “Right now, I think Shelton Benjamin. He’s an athlete who could learn the skill. For the lightweight division, I would love to see Jamie Noble.”

Who He Likes for Lesnar vs. Mir “I’d rather not say. I think it will be a great fight for the fans. I know Frank is ready. I’ve talked to him personally. I know Brock is training hard. The fans will get their monies worth in this fight.”

His Strategy Against Bob Sapp: “I said I was going to go right at him so I’m going to go right at him! That’s our plan. Some people like to go away from him, but I’m going to go toe-to-toe with him and see if he can stand it. I want to bang with him!”

** PICTURES of LASHLEY’s Next MMA Opponent – BOB SAPP (Bigger Than Lashley!)