Beyond/WWR All Day Live Results (5/27): Worcester, Massachusetts

Beyond Wrestling & Women’s Wrestling Revolution recently held their All Day Event which emanated from the Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Beyond Wrestling All Day Event was highlighted by Mia Yim facing Keith Lee in the Main Event, while The Women’s Wrestling Revolution All Day Event was highlighted by Deonna Purrazzo taking on Davienne in the Main Event. Below are the full results from both shows:
Beyond All Day Results:
Before the first match Team Pazuzu issued an open challenge to any team and it was answered by AR Fox & his Skulk.

– Team Pazuzu (Angel Ortiz, Chris Dickinson, Jaka & Mike Draztik) def. The Skulk (Adrian Alanis, Leon Ruff, Liam Gray & Tommy Maserati) by pinfall with a combination double stomp / powerbomb / neckbreaker on Gray.
– AR Fox def. Jerome Daniels with a low blow.
– Cam Zagami (c) def. Green Ant to retain the Chikara Young Lions Cup.
– Josh Briggs def. Jonathan Gresham by pinfall with the M5.

– Joey Janela def. WALTER by pinfall, reversing the Gojira Clutch into a pin.
The show took a brief intermission at this point.
– Robo The Punjabi Lion def. Anthony Greene by pinfall with a spear. After the match, Greene attacks Robo with his loaded fanny pack but Samara gets the better of him with a DDT and runs the Retro-sexual and his Platinum Honeys off.

– David Starr def. Timothy Thatcher by pinfall with an arm-trap piledriver.
– Wheeler YUTA def. Matt Riddle by pinfall with a bridging pin out of the turnbuckles.
– Mia Yim def. Keith Lee by pinfall, reversing the Ground Zero into a victory roll pin. After the match, Keith gets on the mic and puts Mia over and says that he wanted to face her because she’s one of the best on the goddamned planet. He then says that today and yesterday were two of the most important days in his independent wrestling career, and the truth is that it is him that should thank them, because without the Beyond Wrestling crowd, Keith Lee wouldn’t be shit. He then talks about the possibilities, where he’s going, what’s next, but first he’s taking a break, going into nature where he won’t be challenged by bears, although he would German suplex a bear. He then says that he’s gonna relax a little bit and his only request is whatever he does in the future, be there to support him, and more importantly, whether he’s here or not, you support Beyond Wrestling with the same love he has for it. He then literally thanks everyone in the building, bids that they keep it Limitless and continue to bask in his glory, and that’s it for Keith Lee in Beyond Wrestling. Well, not quite. Rich Palladino calls him back in the ring, and Denver Colorado gets in the ring to present him with a painting to send him off for real.
WWR All Day Results:
– Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) def. Team Adams (Karen Q & Tasha Steelz) by pinfall with Weapon of Ass Destruction on Q.
– Allie Recks def. Delmi Exo by pinfall with a spear.
– Samara def. Oceanea by pinfall with a schoolboy. After the match, Oceanea attacks, but Samara is able to fend her off. Hermit Crab jumps her, Robo the Punjabi Lion makes the save and puts the crustacean away.
– Kris Stadtlander def. Widow Belmont by pinfall with a scissors kick.
– Bird & The Bee (Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale) def. Alisha Edwards & Gilian Leigh by pinfall with The Talk on Edwards in a Lucha Rules Match.
– Kimber Lee def. Penelope Ford by pinfall with the senton atomico.
– Skylar def. Chelsea Green by pinfall with a Pedigree.
– “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) def. Tessa Blanchard by pinfall with a piledriver to retain the Independent Wrestling Title.
Deonna Purrazzo comes out and cuts a promo before the next match. She mentions that she wasn’t even supposed to be here today, but unfortunately Stardom thought she was an Italian citizen and she had to miss the tour. So she’s here tonight and she was supposed to issue an open challenge, but Paul Crockett spoiled it on commentary earlier and so her opponent is Davienne.
– Deonna Purrazzo def. Davienne by submission with a tilt-a-whirl Fujiwara armbar. After the match, a handshake was offered and accepted and Deonna gets back on the mic. She says that the best part about WWR is the mix of talent in the back, girls that have just started training, girls that just work locally, and girls that travel the world, and getting to compete here against some of the best in the world, well, she can’t explain how much that means to her. Last month Jordynne Grace beat her, but hopefully this win makes up for that and one day she would love to meet Jordynne in the ring again. So, she’s finally gonna get to go to Stardom now that her visa correctly says she’s an American citizen and she’s gonna miss a few months here because of that, but it’s okay because big things are coming and hopefully everyone will still come and support great women’s wrestling here at WWR Pro.

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