Betting Odds for WWE Roadblock: End of the Line PPV

The odds for Roadblock has now been set and this is the latest we’ve ever had to wait for lines to a PPV. Currently Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Rich Swann,The team of Cesaro and Sheamus, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and Rusev are favored as winners.Within a few hours of the lies being set, The Universal Championship match flipped completely, originally considering Roman Reigns an underdog. A possible reason for this could be players putting a disproportional amount of money of Roman, leading to the change in lines creating a “balanced book”. Also, The women’s match was originally in a dead heat with both Sasha and Charlotte both being listed as slight underdogs, but now Sasha is heavily favored.

A quick education in how to read the “money lines” is as simple as understanding the minus sign represents the favorite and the plus sign indicating the underdog. Based on the lines listed here a $100 bet on Owens at +180 would win $180, but it would take a $260 bet on Roman to win only $100 since he is as favored as he is. All of the lines here fall under “end of broadcast” ruling meaning if the initial finish is overruled or a match is restarted, the final result is the one recognized by sportsbooks. This accounts for “Dusty Finishes”.

WWE Universal Championship
Kevin Owens(c) +180 vs Roman Reigns -260

WWE Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks(c) -540 vs Charlotte Flair +360

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Match
Rich Swann(c) -350 vs Field(Both TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick) +250

WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day(c) +135 vs Cesaro & Sheamus -175

10 Minute Time Limit
Sami Zayn +130 vs Braun Strowman -170

Seth Rollins -400 vs Chris Jericho +280

Big Cass +205 vs Rusev -285