Bella Thorne en couple avec Mod Sun et Tana Mongeau : “On s’en amuse”

Star de la prochaine édition du magazine Gay Times du mois de février 2019, c’est en toute sincérité que Bella Thorne a évoqué sa vie personnelle le temps d’une interview. La jeune femme de 21 ans est notamment revenue sur sa liaison avec le rappeur Mod Sun, 31 ans, mais également avec la chanteuse et youtubeuse Tana Mongeau, 20 ans.

GAY TIMES MAGAZINE: ISSUE 492 BELLA THORNE The bisexual princess of our dreams, Bella Thorne lives life in the fast lane. In Issue 492, she speaks on how her sexuality impacted her career, her IDGAF attitude, and how she’s embraced both to find her success. #GenerationGayTimes Photography: @vijatm Words: @alimkheraj Fashion: @maikeeb_kills for @dewbeautyagency Makeup: @thetonyabrewer Hair: @ianjameshair for @thewallgroup Nails: @stephstonenails using @essie Produced by: #LeahBlewitt Film: @nathannoyes & @titoashbone Special thanks to: @michaeldancemodel SUBSCRIBE NOW VIA OUR BIO LINK!

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a year ago this weekend, i met a girl at a music festival who i had no idea would change my life forever. it’s so crazy to me how fast a year can fly by when you’re surrounded by love you never thought was possible. what started with a viral kissing pic turned to you being the love of my life.. you swept me up and introduced me to your entire world, you made my wildest dreams happen, you believed in me in every aspect when no one else did, you signed me to your label & brought me on every journey with you, you fought for me with everything in you when you didn’t have to. you never gave up on me, you stayed when the going got tough, you encouraged me to be me. you’d wipe the makeup off my face or undo the facetune lmao.. you’d make me put on silly costumes and wild makeup and not care what anyone had to say. you got a matching tattoo of something i said to you without hesitation… you’d hold me when i cry…. you are the most perfect, incredible, talented, confident, resilient, STRONG, SELFLESS individual i’ve ever met & every second i spend with you i’m inspired & grateful. here’s to a year with the girl that made me realize that for me, love has no gender or boundaries. it’s just love. it feels like just yesterday i was drunkenly bothering you at life is beautiful. thanks for wanting me to stick around & bother you endlessly. I love you Annabella Avery Thorne, I wish every person saw you through my eyes. but I’m lucky they don’t WITCHO SEXY ASSSSSS

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