Becky Lynch Helps Fan Suffering A Seizure At Meet And Greet

The Man, Becky Lynch once again showed her fantastic character and personality when she helped a fan suffering from a seizure at a recent meet and greet.

Several other members of the WWE Universe tweeted about Lynch’s actions, who lept up and helped the fan as soon as she saw there was a problem.

According to eye-witness reports, a fan had fallen when attempting to climb up the stairs and Lynch lept up to go and comfort the fan, hugging them until the situation had calmed down and medical staff appeared, signing a picture.

I almost forgot to tell you guys, Becky Lynch is a really fucking good person. A girl had a seizure in line at the signing, started shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t make it up the stairs. Becky ran and held her tight as she could for like 5 minutes until it completely stopped.

— Jon O’MANlley (@TheJonOMalley) March 16, 2019

Becky is the nicest person ever and I haven't even talk to her yet but a lady was unable to get up the stairs and she HOPPED tf up to run and hug her and sign her picture

— c (@STRAIGHTBECKS) March 16, 2019

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