Backstage News On Talents Being Used for WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match, Will NXT Stars Be Featured?

As noted, Stephanie McMahon made the blockbuster announcement on WWE Raw this week that the first-ever Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match will take place at the Royal Rumble PPV on January 28th in Philadelphia.

Following the announcement, speculation immediately began as to how many talents would be featured in the match, which talents would enter and possible surprise entrants. As seen on Smackdown Live last night, Naomi has been announced as the first entrant in the match.

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According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio, the current plan in WWE is for all of the main roster women to be featured in the match, with the exception of the two Women’s Champions heading into the bout. To fill any remaining slots in the match, WWE will pull from the NXT roster of women. That number has yet to be determined as the participant number in the Rumble match has not been revealed.

Alvarez also noted that if NXT talents are used in the Royal Rumble match, that does not mean those talents are permanently being called up to the main WWE roster. So, for example, if Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are used in the Rumble match, they will likely be sent back down to NXT following the bout.

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In related news, speculation regarding Ronda Rousey potentially making a surprise appearance in the Women’s Royal Rumble match has been growing since the match announcement was made, and you can read more on the Rousey possibility at this link.

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