Backstage Details on WWE Changing Royal Rumble Main Event

— According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon changed the scheduled Royal Rumble main event on Monday morning though it was already talked about being changed over the weekend and the booking on Sunday and last night definitely shows that.

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— The original plan was to have Finn Balor challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal title, but McMahon doesn’t feel as if Balor is over enough to be one of Lesnar’s opponents so that match is definitely off.

— While the Survivor Series match was built around Braun Strowman, it doesn’t appear as if a Strowman vs. Lesnar rematch makes sense as Vince doesn’t want anyone kicking out of the F5 until WrestleMania and Vince also wants to protect Strowman to some degree.

— The backup plan for WrestleMania could be Strowman vs. Lesnar, but that would have only happened if the Roman Reigns push failed and there is no indication that they are backing off that. As a result, WWE is “scrambling” for a Royal Rumble match for Lesnar and it is unknown what that match will be.