Backstage Details on Why Daniel Bryan Pulled Out of WWE Crown Jewel

— The situation with Daniel Bryan not wanting to wrestle at WWE Crown Jewel was said to be complicated as he did the first show in Saudi Arabia with little to no knowledge about any of the political issues in the country. All the wrestlers were told that it was just another huge international show but they weren’t told that it would virtually be a long “propaganda commercial” so some participated in pro-Saudi videos because “it’s their job” while others tried their best to avoid doing anything in a non-controversial fashion.

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— With Bryan, after the Greatest Royal Rumble, he felt he couldn’t go back there under those circumstances – women not being able to perform for one as he is married to a woman wrestler, the treatment of homosexuals and the fact that the country didn’t allow Syrian Sami Zayn to perform on the show, which Bryan considered racism.

— The killing of Jamal Khashoggi, while not the reason that he refused to do the show, certainly made him feel more strongly that he was making the correct call. Bryan also reportedly asked WWE officials if he could lose to the Miz in Australia, perhaps as a way to get out of wrestling in Saudi Arabia.