WWE Star Charged With Assault, Cena's Show Flops, Special Judgment Day DVD

source: Wrestling Observer

Jerry Lawler has been charged with assault stemming from an incident last Friday night at Sam’s Town in Tunica, MS where he allegedly punched manager “The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente twice. The court date is scheduled for August 1, 2007, but only if papers are served Mississippi. Lawler is scheduled to wrestle on the July 20, 2007 Sam’s Town Memphis Wrestling show and Mississippi authorities are expected to serve Lawler the papers that night.

Last night’s edition of Fast Cars & Superstars on ABC did a 2.2 rating based on the fast nationals. John Cena was on the show. That’s a pretty bad number for a first-run show on primetime on a network such as ABC. The show’s season finale will air on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.

If you go to Blockbuster Video for the Judgment Day DVD, it also has the Undertaker vs. Batista cage match from Smackdown and the Edge title win in a bonus disc. This exclusive disc is only available at Blockbuster.

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