Asuka Breaks Another Record, Tyrus Update, Dinero Leaves GFW?

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka has been on an impressive roll since coming over to WWE. She has been undefeated since debuting in NXT, surpassing even Goldberg’s legendary undefeated streak. Earlier today though, as of midnight, she officially became the longest reigning WWE champion of any kind in decades. Asuka has surpassed Rockin’ Robin’s 502 days record as WWF Women’s Champion from back in the day. Other reigns that she has yet to surpass include Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, and the incredibly-lengthy title reigns of Bruno Sammartino. Her title and undefeated streak are on the line at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III this Saturday night as she faces Ember Moon.
Yesterday, GFW’s Tyrus posted a message and video on his social media pages suggesting that he may be looking to leave the company. He claimed that he will be missing the upcoming TV tapings because the company has been mistreating him as of late and that he will not be coming back until he gets the treatment that he feels entitled to by the company. It is now unclear whether or not this is part of a storyline of some sort. GFW did release a tweet today revealing that Bruce Prichard will address the situation with Tyrus on tonight’s Destination X show. It is rare for wrestling companies to address such serious real-life issues on the air, so this may indicate that the issue involving Tyrus may just be an elaborate work.
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero has settled down his wrestling career quite a bit over these past few years, instead choosing to work as a commentator in Global Force Wrestling. He has been doing the gig for a few years now, but could he actually be on the way out? Dinero put out a statement on all of his social media platforms that seemed a bit vague and too interpretive to mean that he is indeed leaving, but he also included a snapshot of himself in the Impact ring with text reading “Thank You & Farewell” written over it. It may be a sign that he has either left or will be leaving the company very soon. If he does leave, he joins Angelina Love, Davey Richards, Brandi Rhodes, Magnus, Matt Morgan, and plenty of others in the list of superstars who have left GFW over this past summer.

Pope’s full statement: “The clock is ticking, never standing still, yet memories will come, in floods they will. This was no surprise as things began to click, when negotiations stalled because of arithmetics. In arriving hello is easy to say, in departing it’s different as some will sway. But no not me as I look towards the sky, for there’s a reason I’ve always walked with my head held high. Although the past will come trickling around and through, the future is bright with much things for me to do. So thanks to my friends and staff who showed me goodwill, because those memories are the only moments that makes the clock stand still.” ~PHS

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