Andrade vs. Ali Announced for WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ has announced that Andrade will face Ali on the May 7 edition of SmackDown Live. The match comes less than two weeks before Money in the Bank, where both men will compete for a championship opportunity.

That opportunity will hang high above the ring on May 19, as the bout is a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The man that pulls down the briefcase will have the chance to cash in against the WWE or Universal champion, anywhere at any time.

Finn Bálor, Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman Drew McIntyre and Ricochet will also be in the ring with Andrade and Ali at MITB. The bout is expected to be a high-octane contest, thanks to Bálor, Ali, Ricochet and Andrade. Strowman is the muscle of course, while McIntyre and Corbin will serve as the sinister spoilers.

But that match is made all the more compelling due to the fact that only Bálor and Orton has ever been a world champion in WWE. It could very well be that a new championship face will pull down the briefcase on May 19.

Andrade versus Ali should be a top notch bout in its own right. Many fans consider both men to be the future of WWE and they will surely bring everything they have to their match on May 7.

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