All In Broadcast Info, Corey Graves Quits Twitter, Rusev Party

The massive All In event that is being created and put together by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks is now less than a month away from taking place. The event will already feature over 10,000 fans filling up the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Illinois on September 1st, but little news has been provided as it relates to broadcasting plans for the show. Luckily, that is now expected to change very soon as it has just been reported by the Wrestling Observer that broadcasting plans for All In will be revealed during the newest episode of the “Being the Elite” YouTube series, which will be premiering later today. It has been noted that a Northeast Wrestling show claimed over the weekend that All In would be shown on pay-per-view.
When it comes to the announcers in WWE today, it is almost universally agreed upon that Corey Graves is one of the best around. Ever since Graves transitioned into an announcer role ever since he was forced to retire from the ring due to concussion-related injuries, he has been a natural. However, it appears that the Raw announcer will no longer be using his voice online as Graves recently posted a message seemingly informing fans that he will not be using social media anymore. It is possible that Graves could later return to clarify some of his remarks, but as of right now, Graves has now posted any sort of additional update, leading fans to assume that the former wrestler has indeed left the site for now.

Unfortunately, social media has become a very toxic place. People don’t know where to draw the line.
It’s become more exhausting than productive to me. Some things in life are more important than “likes” and “followers.”
I urge you to explore that.
Deuces! ??
— The Great Corey Graves (@WWEGraves) August 5, 2018

It is no secret that Rusev is one of the most popular characters on Smackdown at the moment. It seems as if every man, woman, and now, child wants to start celebrating Rusev Day, and that is exactly what one little boy did during his birthday party over the weekend. The boy’s father noted online that there was a mishap at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant that led to his son’s party having to be changed. Fortunately, the general manager of the restaurant quickly noticed the boy’s Rusev shirt and realized that they could not let him down on Rusev Day, which resulted in the boy receiving an even better party. The tweets got the attention of both the official account for the restaurant and “The Bulgarian Brute” himself.

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After a mishap at Chuck E Cheeses on my sons birthday, the general manager in Abilene, Cassie, totally went ABOVE and BEYOND to give our son an AMAZING birthday party!!!!!! It is rare to find this kind of customer service these days. She’s a great GM! @RusevBUL
— Jeff Ronquillo (@RonquilloJeff) August 5, 2018

We’re so glad to hear you had a blast today and experienced exceptional customer service, Jeff! We hope you visit us again soon! ????
— Chuck E. Cheese’s (@ChuckECheeses) August 5, 2018

They knew it was a Happy #RusevDay
— Rusev (@RusevBUL) August 5, 2018