Alicia Fox On Joining Total Divas, Who Else Should Join The Show & More

The following are highlights of a new The Rack Radio Show interview with WWE Diva and Total Divas star Alicia Fox:

What was her reaction in finding out she was going to become part of the cast of ‘Total Divas’ “I was quite surprised; I was actually really surprised. Very excited but more surprised and definitely honored; it’s definitely an honor to be part of the cast and there’s a lot of great girls on the show. I definitely miss doing the Total Divas after show with Renee (Young), she’s an amazing host and friend, but now it’s good that Summer (Rae) on there with her. It’s been a really nice breath of fresh air to kind of mix everything up for the division and 2015 has been quite cool (so far).”

If she has gotten used to having the camera always around as part of the show: “Being that this is my first season, it definitely took me a little bit to get used to it. The camera crew and everyone on that show is amazing so I never felt awkward or too weird; but it was definitely strange growing in front of an audience; there really is nowhere to hide. You are mic’ed and being seen everywhere, like you’re getting good news, getting bad news, getting ok news having to give good news or bad news; that took some adjusting because naturally I like being a private person so it was definitely different. But, being able to have a good time with my two girl friends on the show, Rosa and Paige, was definitely nice and we got to experience that together so it was a good transitioning period, you know?

What can we expect from her on ‘Total Divas’ and if she has any tidbits to share about upcoming events: “I think you should definitely keep your eyes peeled starting this Sunday; it’s definitely going to start giving it momentum and some added edge I think the (WWE) Universe and the fans didn’t really see coming. So just stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled. It’s definitely going to be a very exciting season; it’s really a great time. With Paige and I being the new additions, it’s incorporating a breath of fresh air; stay tuned!”

Is there anyone she’d like to see join the show: “Yeah, I’d be nice to see Renee (Young); it’d be nice to see Emma, even some of the new NXT talent to come into the mix eventually. That would be really cool because it just gives you another dimension to the WWE Superstars; sometimes with Divas matches, there’s not really time to talk and I think getting the opportunity to be on ‘Total Divas’ gives the audience a different view of our personalities and another level to relate to all of us on.”

With Smackdown moving to Thursdays, what has been her favorite Smackdown moment: “My favorite Smackdown moment was one of my first actually; it was during my time with Edge and Vickie (Guerrero) in their wedding planning days and getting to be the homewrecker in that situation; that was one of my favorites. However, I’m super pumped about Smackdown moving to Thursdays; I think 2015 is bringing about a whole lot of new, surprising, interesting things and it’s a great way to start the new year.”

What does she like to do on her days off Divas’: “I love training; I love going to the gym. If I have time, I love to go to a local bookstore here in Tampa called Oxford Exchange; it’s really cool and they have very unique books that I like to collect. I love doing the girly, girly things like getting my nails done and making sure your hair is on point; .jumping on my trampoline, being outside, just everything girly girls like to do.”

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