AAW Path of Redemption Results (3/31): ACH Defends AAW Title Against Keith Lee, Triple Threat For Heritage Title, More

AAW Path of Redemption Results
March 31st, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

Once again ProWrestling.com had the pleasure of attending an AAW show, this time emanating from the Knights of Columbus hall in LaSalle, IL and as usual they have put together a slew of impressive talent to put on a great show. Detailed results below and make sure you check out the photo gallery!

Dirty Andy Dalton vs. Juntai Miller

This is the debut for both men in AAW, and it was a quick but fun match. Match starts with Dalton spitting in the face of Miller, and then follows it up with chops. Juntai responds with a spinning heel kick and then hits a combo snapmare into an elbow drop. Juntai goes for a cover but a kick out. Juntai hits multiple chops but is stopped when Dalton spits in his face again. Juntai rushes angrily at Dalton, but Dalton moves and Juntai falls out of the ring. Dalton hits an impressive summersault through middle rope onto juntai.

Back in ring, Dalton hits Juntai with a senton the begins to choke against Juntai against the middle rope. Dalton begins to show his dirty side by licking his hands and then rubbing them in Juntai’s face. Juntai gets up disgusted, but gets hit with an Impaler DDT.

Match ends when Dalton charges at Juntai, but Juntai ducks and reverses into a Full Nelson Suplex. Juntai gets up and hits a modified Curb stomp onto Dalton for the win.

Winner: Juntai Miller


The AAW Tag Team Champions, The Besties In The World are backstage with Scarlet Bourdeux to talk about their upcoming matchup with Jake Something & Curt Stallion and Scarlet’s match against Kylie Rae.

Vega says it’s a huge night and talks about Scarlet and alludes to more than just the match and Fitchett says no, the match is it. Vega reassures him and says scouts honor. Fitchett says that they have to make Something and Stallion pay for the recent attacks and that tonight they are going to come out on top, just like Scarlet always does.


The crowd LOVES Kylie, and is hot for Vega. Kylie tries to shake Scarlet’s hand, but Scarlet refuses. Instead she hits arm drag to start but Kylie comes back and gets the upper hand with a dropkick.

Kylie bounces off the ropes and Vega grabs Kylie’s legs to much heat. Scarlet hits Kylie with a Kryptonite Crunch, and then starts to taunt Kylie which has Kylie hulking up and coming back. She starts to hit punches and getting the crowd behind her but Vega jumps up to console Scarlet which has Kylie trying for a superkick, but hits Vega instead. Kylie is distracted for Scarlett to roll her up and pick up the win.

Winner: Scarlett


Jimmy Jacobs talks about being back in AAW and how everyone is different. He says he needs to evolve but that he hopes he gets the old Eddie Kingston tonight.


Wow what a match. Starts fast with Reed and Wolf and multiple reversals until Wolf finally hits a clothesline.

Fox is tagged in and Wolf hits a clothesline and then tags in Trey Miguel, but then both Fox and Miguel start to go back and forth. Counter after counter after counter but finally fox comes back on Trey. Myron tagged in and Trey comes back and Myron hits Trey with a big right and they hit a tandem move to knock down Trey.

Back and forth tags but Trey comes back with a series of boots and finally tags in Wolf who knocks Fox out of the ring and then hits Myron with a big knee. Myron comes back with a springboard cutter and then tags in Fox who hits a top rope drop kick to Wolf. Multiple splashes to the outside and a big senton from Fox. Fix pits wolf on the top but wolf fights out and hits a dropkick of his own.

Match ends with Trey tries to pin illegal man, but chaos ensues.  Myron and Fox hit a double 450. Trey & Wolf kick out at one, but each get a superkick for their troubles. Myron hits Wolf with a destroyer for the victory.

Winners: AR Fox & Myron Reed

After the match all men embrace each other and show each other respect.


Eddie comes out  to the ring sporting an Eddie quit shirt, reminding everyone that he is still unwittingly a part of WRSTLING.

Match starts with a collar and elbow tie up. Eddie tries for a clean break but Jimmy doesn’t give it to him and hits a sucker punch and starts to taunt Eddie.

Later in the match, Jimmy continues to to taunt Eddie and challenges him to have a chair fight but Eddie doesn’t want to. Jimmy gets on the mic and says that Eddie is a shell of himself and the Eddie he knew wouldn’t still be wearing that shirt. Eddie refuses to indulge him and Jimmy hits him with the chair anyway

Jimmy puts the the chair in the corner and throws Eddie into it. He continues to hit Eddie with the chair again. Jimmy is taunting Eddie and starts to try to rub Eddie’s face into the chai but Eddie counters, but it’s short lived and Jimmy Jacobs hits slice bread number two right onto the chair but Eddie shows his resiliency and still kicks out. Jimmy tears Eddie’s shirt off and finally the two start throwing fists back and forth until Eddie nails jimmy with the chair.

Jimmy gets a dragon sleeper but Eddie turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex. Eddie tries for a German but Jimmy Jacobs grabs the ropes in the corner and then hits a springboard cutter from the second rope. Jimmy gets on the top rope but Eddie throws a chair at Jimmy’s face.

We finally see the chair fight Jimmy wanted and Jimmy Jacobs comes out on top. Jacobs attemps a spear but Eddie hits him with a knee, stunning Jacobs. Eddie spinning backfist to win

Winner: Eddie Kingston


The two women show a sportsman like handshake to start but Ivelisse quickly hits Havok with kicks and then hits a big DDT. Havok is on the ground but pushes Ivelisse off and then hits a clothesline. Ivelisse reverses and then sweeps and then hits an arm drag into an arm bar. Jessicka picks her up for a powerbomb and then hits a kick.

Ivelisse is stunned in the corner and Jessica hits a big running kick in the face. Jessicka tries for a tombstone but Ivelisse turns it into a black Widow. Jessicka powers through and reverses it back into a tombstone for the victory.

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Winner: Jessicka Havok


We are reminded that the contest is under WRSTLING rules, and Trevor gets on the mic and says he deserves a better welcome. He says that he and Moose are more alike because they are TV stars and he says he and Moose should take Shane out. Moose considers it for a minute but decides against it and kicks Trevor in the face and out the ring.

Outside of the ring, Moose kills everyone but then gets launched into the audience and you could hear the crunch of the chairs. Lee hits multiple kicks but Moose catches it and hits a head butt on Trevor Llee and then moose gets a cutter from Shane. All three men start exchanging shots and Moose hits Trevor with a big power bomb.

Shane hits a superplex on Moose but Moose gets up immediately and hits a dropkick. Trevor gets a brutal double stomp to his back on the barricade by Shane Strickland. Shane hits a stomp on Moose but before he can go for a cover Trevor comes in and rolls up Shane and holds the tights for the win

Winner: Trevor lee


Both teams make their way out to the ring, and The Besties are doing their normal schtick, dancing and singing to Savage Garden, but Something and Stallion have other plans in mind. They attack the champs from behind during their entrance, and then Stallion Irish whips both men into Something who just bulldozes brutally demolishing the champs.

They don’t stop there as both men are relentless and choking Vega & Fitchett until Vega reverses an Irish whip on Stallion and is able to hit a suicide dive on him. Something picks up Fitchett and military presses him onto outside onto Stallion and Vega. What happened next was incredible, especially for a man of his size as Something proceeded to do a running dive over the top onto all three men. This guy is showing some serious skills and it was really something (pun intended). The guy is getting more over every time, and the crowd loves to yell “SOMETHING!”

Fitchett was able to tag in Vega who hit a splash and then a cross body onto Stallion. Something comes in a turns Vega inside out with a clothesline and as he plays plays to the crowd, Fitchett takes the opportunity to hit a reverse hurricanrana. Something still gets up and picks up Fitchettand to deliver a devastating powerbomb.

Match ends when Fitchett hits a nasty looking cradle piledriver onto Stallion to win.

Winners: The Besties In The World

After the match, Stallion looks very dazed. Something picks him up and carries him out into the back.


ACH is asked about his match with Keith Lee. ACH says he plans on defending his championship. He is interrupted by Lee and Keith calls him family. He says today is historic because ACH is the first ever African American champion ever in AAW. But he is about to make history again by being the SECOND African American to capture the AAW Championship.



Royal Rumble Rules: Two men start the match, a new wrestler enters the ring every 90 seconds. To be eliminated, you must go over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor.

There was a lot of action to call, but the story going into this was MJF looking to trade his number for another, offering “an opportunity”.

CJ Esparza (Zero Gravity) – Eliminated 4thBret Gakiya (Zero Gravity) – Eliminated 1stMJF- Final Elimination (20th)Buck Nasty – Eliminated 11thSamantha Heights – Eliminated 3rdNick Brubaker – Eliminated 6thDante Leon- Eliminated 2ndKodi Rice – Eliminated 10thChainsaw Kane – Eliminated 5thMike Hartenbower – Eliminated 9thSage – Eliminated 12thDanny Adams – Eliminated 7thKevin Lee Davidson- Eliminated 8thAce Romero – Eliminated 18thHakim Zane – Eliminated 13thPacoConnor Braxton – Eliminated 16thAce Perry – Eliminated 14thMason Beck – Eliminated 17thDavey Vega – Eliminated 15th by Kylie RaeRyan Boz – Eliminated 15th (got a huge pop when he came out)

Final two were Paco and MJF. MJF spent much of the match on the outside, and most of the eliminations he spent by the announcer, making fun of each man as they were eliminated. Paco and MJF started to trade right hands but MJF spits at Paco and then poked him in the eye.

Pack took advantage with a surprise superkick and then hit an amazing flip powerbomb onto MJF. MJF is dazed and Paco took the opportunity to throw MJF over the top, but MJF hangs on, trying to skin the cat, but Paco sees it and superkicks MJF from behind to send him flying and securing the victory for everyone’s favorite underdog, PACO.

Winner: PACO


My phone died for note taking during this match, but it is one that is worth buying the DVD for (or hopefully they play it soon on their new Twitch channel).

ACH took a BEATDOWN from Keith Lee much of the match, and the crowd was split pretty 50/50 with chants of Keith Lee, and ACH. ACH showed moments of resilience and at times just turned into a beast, German Suplexing Lee, hitting a great Frog Splash, and picking up Lee for a Brainbuster (AND ACTUALLY HOLDING HIM THERE FOR A SECOND) before dropping on his head to pick up the victory.

Winner and STILL AAW Champion: ACH

After the match, Lee got on the mic to show his respect. He said that ACH is one of the only ones that he can call family in this business as the two have grown up together. He said he put everything into the match and truly tested ACH and failed, and he is proud of ACH for that. He said that tonight ACH truly broke his limits and mastered Ultra Instinct.



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