45-Year-Old Thief Buys Air Tickets To Enter Airport Just To Steal Things

His modus operandi was simple — buy the cheapest air ticket, pose as a regular flier, queue up at the busiest line inside the terminal and steal items from fellow passengers before changing the shirt and boarding a flight or cancelling the same to leave the terminal.

Sajid Hussain (45), a resident of Madhupur in Jharkhand, who was arrested from the Kolkata airport on Sunday for stealing a purse with earrings, a gold chain and Rs 3,500 in cash from a passenger heading to Kochi, had been stealing valuables from fliers at Kolkata and Patna airports for the past several months, police have come to know during investigation.

“He is a habitual offender. We have found CCTV footage where he is seen picking up a purse from the bag of a woman passenger on November 5.

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