3/30 John Cena on NBC’s “Today” show – Cena wraps three-day run promoting WM32, flashes back to the ’90s


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John Cena on NBC’s “Today” Show
March 30, 2016

John Cena wrapped up his three-day run on NBC’s “Today” show promoting WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium in Texas, or on WWE Network.

Cena did not reveal whether he will be part of the show while recovering from injury, but noted that the “Today” show hosts are heading to Texas with him to be at WrestleMania.

The hour leading up to Cena’s sign-off included Cena at the news desk discussing various topics with Al Roker, Willie Geist, and Tamron Hall. Included was his “classy” game of “sticky ball” with Jimmy Fallon last night on the “Tonight Show.”

The first segment ended with Cena leading the crew through the TV studio to a tiny, tiny replica of their desk, which he jokingly called his new office since he’s on the show so often.

Cena was also part of roundtable interviews with Naomi Campbell promoting “Empire” on Fox and Joey Lawrence promoting a new movie “Saved by Grace.”

Joey’s appearance tied in with Tamron doing a bit on a ’90s pop music reunion taking place this spring. After Tamron noted that Vanilla Ice will be part of the tour, Cena naturally jumped into the shot to dance like a goof heading to commercial.