Belt, Road journalists form win-win network

The Belt and Road Journalists Network and its first presidium were founded at the 2019 Belt and Road Journalists Forum in Beijing on Saturday.

The BRJN, a platform for exchanges and cooperation, was jointly initiated by the All-China Journalists Association and other journalist groups in the countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The purpose of the BRJN is to promote the Silk Road spirit of “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win results”, to deepen exchanges and cooperation with journalist groups in the countries and regions involved in the BRI and to facilitate friendly people-to-people exchanges between different countries.

Jiang Jianguo, deputy head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, said the rapid development of information technology and new media has changed the media landscape and modes of communication, making exchanges and cooperation between journalist organizations more important.

Jiang said he hoped journalist organizations from various countries and regions will guide the public to learn about each other objectively and rationally, and deliver positive energy for exchanges and cooperation between countries in all fields.

The first presidium is composed of the heads of journalists associations and unions from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Argentina and Nigeria. Their term in office will last five years.

The position of chairperson of the presidium will rotate among the members on an annual basis.

Lidia Irma Fagale, president of the Union of Journalists of Buenos Aires, was named the first chairwoman of BRJN.

More than 60 heads of journalist organizations from over 50 countries and regions attended the forum, which was organized by the ACJA with the theme of “promoting news cooperation and sharing the spirit of the Belt and Road”.

Fagale said the world is divisive, contradictory and full of conflict, and it needs journalists to take part in global media platforms like the BRJN and act as communicators to promote understanding between cultures.

She said the network should work together to address the challenges of society and to counter some negative developments globally.

Shanaka Maliyadda, a member of the executive committee of the Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum and director of Shalya Total Solution, a provider of television content, said the network and journalists’ cooperation will unite all countries involved in the BRI and promote exchanges.

“ACJA is also helping us with media development in many aspects,” he said.

“We also help the public in Sri Lanka understand what China is doing.”

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Liu leads China’s podium sweep in women’s 20km race walk at Doha worlds

DOHA – Olympic gold medalist Liu Hong, who holds both the 20km and 50km race walk world records, took the gold in one hour, 32 minutes and 53 seconds to secure her third world title.

“This is the third time I have won in the World Championships. I am very pleased that I won this time because tomorrow will be the 70th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Winning all the three medals, this achievement is a good gift that we give to our motherland,” Liu said.

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The race walkers battled extreme temperature of around 32 degrees Celsius and 75% humidity.

“The weather conditions are really a big challenge for us. Thanks for our teamwork, we had a better strategy and we just battled as a team, so we can get this good result,” added Liu.


Liu’s teammate Qieyang Shijie snatched the silver in 1:33:10 and the bronze medal went to Yang Liujing in 1:33:17.

It is the first time in women’s race walking event at the world championships that one team has swept all the medals.

Another Chinese walker Yang Jiayu, the defending champion, was disqualified after she received her fourth red card with just over 1km to go.

De Sena of Brazil finished fourth, followed by Colombian Sandra Lorena Arenas and Japan’s Kumiko Okada in the fifth and sixth place respectively.

National Day celebrations to be broadcast live

BEIJING — China’s major national radios, TV channels and news websites will provide a live broadcast of the celebrations to mark the 70th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China on Oct. 1.

The celebrations will include a gathering at the Tian’anmen Square, a civilian parade, a military parade and a mass pageant.

The live broadcast will be available on Tuesday morning on several TV channels of China Media Group, some radio channels, as well as Xinhuanet. Other major radio and TV channels, news websites and new media platforms will rebroadcast the celebrations.

Moreover, a gala will take place at Tian’anmen Square on Tuesday evening. TV channels, radio channels and Xinhuanet will provide live coverage, while other major media outlets will rebroadcast.

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Day before glory: 24 hours

What happened on Oct 1, 1949?

A grand ceremony for the founding of the People’s Republic of China was held in Beijing, and the famous words “The Chinese people are now masters of their own fate” were heard.

Then what about one day earlier?

On Sept 30, 1949, one day before the grand ceremony, Beijing looked little different from how it did on any other day. The reason was simple. For security, the arrangements for the ceremony had not been announced yet.


Some of the residents must have realized something was happening. For example, on each side of the Tian’anmen Square, there were two newly built grandstands, an obvious sign of a grand ceremony of some kind.

Being short of time, the two grandstands were made by wood and wooden plates, lashed together by strings and iron wires. The test of its firmness was done in a special way: The central guarding division organized about 300 soldiers to jump on it for 10 minutes, which proved it was firm enough to hold all.


The security staff faced much heavier pressure than those testing the grandstands. There were still parts of the country yet to be liberated by the People’s Liberation Army, and the old Kuomintang regime, although its power was failing, still had an air force and could bomb Beijing.

Therefore, four of the 17 fighter planes preparing for the parade of the grand ceremony were fully loaded, ready to combat any enemy in the sky.

Another group of security staff were inspecting every corner of the city, so as to root out any possible danger. There was danger — The police found a bomb at an outer corner of the Tian’anmen Rostrum, with its fuse already burning. They did not hesitate to cut it.


The first session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference had finished electing the leaders of the newly born People’s Republic, and passed an essential decision to build a monument for the martyrs at Tian’anmen Square.

At 18:00, all members of the CPPCC came to the site for the ground-breaking ceremony of the monument. Chairman Mao Zedong read the scripts and paid tribute to all the heroes who died in the fight for national independence and the people’s liberty and welfare.


There were still people working for the ceremony. Among them, there was one musician called Luo Lang, head of the PLA military band. Having got the news about the national anthem only one day earlier, he had already been working on it for 24 hours. He had another 18 hours to work before he could sleep.

His efforts were worthwhile — The band performed perfectly the next day.

Another was the artist, Zhou Lingzhao, the painter who painted Chairman Mao Zedong’s portrait to be displayed in Tian’anmen Square, also stayed late till midnight. He had already been working on the painting for about a month together with his female apprentice, Chen Ruoju.

She later became his wife.


Zhou finally finished the painting. As he looked around, he found some of the musicians of the military band who were to join the next day’s parade were already there. Some were from the army, some from the navy, and some from the gun salute team. The latter brought 54 salute guns into the square, in a most eyeball-catching spot.

The civilian participants also began arriving one after one. What about the leaders? They skipped sleep. Premier Zhou Enlai appeared at the square with a pale but energetic face — He had been without sleep for four days.

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After checking everything, he called the office of Chairman Mao, to remind him to sleep. Mao followed a special schedule and often began to sleep in the morning.


The weather forecast for Oct 1 was finished. It was 1949, eight years before the first manmade satellite was sent into orbit. The weather forecast relied heavily upon experience and historical materials. A specially appointed team at the North China Weather Station, headed by Zhang Yan, did research on materials collected from Tsinghua University. The conclusion was: Beijing would be cloudy, with weak wind coming from the east.


Was the weather forest cast accurate? No one could sure. At 9:00 in the morning, there was rain at Tian’anmen Square, which made some people nervous.

Yet Xinhua News Agency announced the arrangements for the ceremony at 10:00, determined to get rid of all difficulties.

About 10 minutes to 15:00, the rain stopped, then a gleam of sunshine came out of the west, making everything golden.

Three o’clock in the afternoon became a sacred moment. The rain stopped, Tian’anmen Square was bathed in golden sunshine, and the air was clean, with the fresh scent of the earth after the rain.

At this special moment, members of the new government, which truly belonged to the people, walked up the stairs of the rostrum.

‘Messi’s absence could work in Barcelona's favour’ – Coco says Inter would prefer to face Argentine

The former Nerazzurri and Blaugrana defender believes the presence of a talismanic figure helps to sharpen the focus of those facing the Liga giants

Lionel Messi’s absence could end up working in Barcelona’s favour, claims Francesco Coco, with Champions League rivals Inter hoping that the Argentine will figure on Wednesday.

The Argentine superstar is currently nursing a niggling thigh complaint that has prevented him from making the desired impact in the 2019-20 campaign, with just three appearances taken in to-date.

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Barca are hoping to have him available for European duty in midweek, with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner back in training.

Coco, though, has suggested that Ernesto Valverde’s side may fare better without the 32-year-old, as his presence helps to sharpen the focus of domestic and continental opponents.

The former Barca and Inter defender told Sport: “When a player like Messi is missing, the team always feels it.

“There is a Barca with Messi and one without Messi, but perhaps his absence could be an advantage.

“I explain myself. It would be better for Inter to face a champion like him because they would have greater stimuli and greater concentration.

“Knowing that Messi will not be involved could instead give them relief and represent a problem.”

Whether Messi is involved or not at Camp Nou, Coco concedes that Inter are in for a tough test.

He added: “To win at the Camp Nou you need three things: personality, intensity and courage. 

“If you go there thinking that you will not win, you will collapse and fail. If, on the contrary, you prepare for the game without thinking about the result, then you may have some chance. It’s all in the head. 

“You have to give everything without letting Barcelona move the ball. This is my personal recipe for success.”

Inter have been catching the eye under the guidance of Antonio Conte, with a standing at the top of Serie A taken up after collecting six successive wins.

Coco is impressed with the impact made by a new coaching regime, saying of his former employers at San Siro: “Antonio Conte is giving Inter what was expected: intensity, spirit, goals and results.

“Barcelona are the favourites but Inter is the worst opponent that could face them right now. 

“I spoke about mentality and Conte is a winner who will transmit his charisma to his players. 

“Thanks to him we are watching a much more competitive Serie A this year, there is no Juventus domination.”

Iniesta providing inspiration to New York native Sakai as World Cup winner stars in Japan

The man born in the United States is now back in Asia and looking to take as many lessons as possible from his legendary World Cup-winning team-mate

Andres Iniesta has been an inspiration to millions during his iconic career, with the Barcelona legend now passing on priceless experience to the likes of Gotoku Sakai at Vissel Kobe.

The World Cup winner, who is a product of the famed La Masia academy system at Camp Nou, left Catalunya for Japan in 2018.

He is now 35 years of age, but remains a classy performer and has been showcasing his ball-playing ability in Asia.

Those around him, including summer signing Sakai, are delighted to be buying into the knowledge of an all-time great.

New York-born Japan international Sakai told Goal of working alongside Iniesta: “Andres is not the type of guy who demands things from other people, he just gets on by himself.

“In fact, about after two days after I started, I couldn’t react to his passes in training. It was a different dimension for me, like, ‘can a pass be made at this speed?’

“Andres was apologetic, but it was clearly my mistake. So I asked the interpreter to tell him that I would run and get it next time, so please continue.

“During the games, I shout out to him ‘Are you alright? Not too tired?’ or ‘Shall I go for it?’ when we are defending, and when we are attacking. And since the match against Tosu, around that time, I started understanding where Andres would be, or where he would make a pass to, those kind of things, and it became very easy to play with him.”

Sakai added on adjusting to the demands of playing in the same side as a player whose sporting brain moves so much faster than most: “He is just an amazing player, he makes everything look so easy and makes those around him play better too.

“While there are many occasions that you have to dribble, because Andres can move the ball with one touch, that creates rhythm for the team and that makes me able to move things with one touch when I am supporting him.

“He has a playing style that always makes players around him involved. He shows us how to make rhythm. There are so many things I can learn during training. I am really having a great time.”

Iniesta is not the only World Cup winner on Kobe’s books, with fellow Spaniard David Villa and former Germany international Lukas Podolski also part of a star-studded squad.

Asked what can be taken from those who have graced the very top of the game, Sakai said: “Just everything. Especially for the young ones, not only humility, attitude to training and technique, but also why they have such high levels. Of course, there is a reason.

“For me, there are so many things I want to ask. Like, ‘What were you doing when you were young?’ or ‘Is there anything I can start doing now?’

“If I was still 19-20 years old, I would stick with Andres and be questioning him all the time. In fact, when I was in Niigata that’s how I developed, by sticking with my seniors and listening.”

Sakai, who started out at Albirex Niigata and spent time with Stuttgart and Hamburg before returning to Asia, added: “The players of Kobe are fortunate to have the players like him [Iniesta] and must learn from him.

“Super first-class players are super first-class in every aspect. In fact, all the super first-class players I’ve ever played with were all the same like that, both in their humility and how they approach football.

“I would love to learn a lot from them. It doesn’t mean that I want to go and play for Barca now, but if I can rise a little higher than I am now, I want to listen to everything and learn anything.”

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Benteke a £32.5m Anfield flop but claims he could still do a job for Liverpool

The Belgian struggled to make the impact expected of him on Merseyside, but retains full faith in his ability and is not looking for a move at Palace

Christian Benteke proved to be a £32.5 million ($40m) flop at Liverpool, but the Belgian striker claims he could still do a job for the Reds.

The burly frontman was taken to Anfield in 2015 after impressing in the Premier League across three seasons with Aston Villa.

His power and finishing ability delivered 49 goals in 101 appearances for the Villans, but he would manage only 10 in 42 outings for Liverpool, with a forgettable spell on Merseyside lasting just one full campaign.

Benteke was offloaded by Jurgen Klopp to Crystal Palace, but the 28-year-old maintains that he could have thrived in the German’s system.

Quizzed on whether he could have been a success in that side, the Eagles frontman told SPORTbible: “Yeah. It’s easy to say now because I play for Palace and they play for Liverpool, but when you train every day with the same players and the manager believes in you, it’s easier.”

Benteke, who was moved on as Klopp put his faith in Roberto Firmino, added: “People will say I’m making excuses, but everyone knows the club was going through a transition when I was there.

“If you compare the team from when I was there to the current team, I think there are only three, four players still in the first 11, most of them are new.”

He went on to say: “I started well, but he [Brendan Rodgers] was already under pressure from the previous season because they almost won the league and then Klopp came and everything changed.

“When he came to Liverpool he said: ‘Sorry, I want to play different football I want to have a quick, small, sharp player’.

“I tried to fight for my spot, but at the end of the season he said: ‘It’s best if you find a new situation too, I won’t hold you up’.”

Things started positively enough for Benteke at Palace, as he netted 17 times across all competitions in his debut campaign.

The goals have, however, dried up as just one was recorded last season and he is still waiting to open his account for 2019-20.

“Let me tell you, it’s been the hardest time in my career so far,” he said.

“But I haven’t lost my confidence. It’s more frustration because the thing that I was doing before – scoring goals – I can still do it.”

Benteke is not looking for a way out of Selhurst Park either, despite a place in Belgium’s plans for Euro 2020 being under serious threat.

Quizzed on whether he could push for a move in January, a man with 34 caps to his name said: “No. It’s too soon to talk about this.

“I don’t feel that I finished my job. I can do well here. We’ve only played six games, there’s another 32 to play. A lot of things can happen, that’s the beauty of this game.”

‘Messi is a freak but Ronaldo the most complete player’ – India icon Kohli weighs into greatest debate

A man who would likely figure in a discussion regarding the finest batsmen of all time has made his pick between two superstars in football circles

Virat Kohli is a superstar in his own right, with the India captain an iconic figure in the world of cricket, and he has had his say on the Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo debate.

A man who would likely figure in any discussions regarding the finest batsmen of all time has been charged with the task of picking the greatest between two eternal rivals from a different sport.

Kohli is a big fan of football, with inspiration taken from those who set the same standards as he does and seek to always raise the bar of individual excellence.

Messi and Ronaldo certainly fall into that category having shared 10 Ballons d’Or and countless records between them.

Choosing a favourite is a thankless task, with both boasting serious claims to the greatest of all time tag, but Kohli says Portuguese power trumps Argentine flair for him.

He told The Times of India: “Tough question. But I would say Cristiano is the most complete player that I have seen.

“Whether it’s the left foot, right foot, speed or dribbling skills, he’s amazing. I have not seen a better goalscorer.

“He revolutionised the sport and everyone followed him. His place is special, but if I had to take only one in my team who will give energy and intensity, it’s Cristiano.”

While placing himself in Team Ronaldo, Kohli concedes that Barcelona forward Messi is a special talent and one that sits only fractionally behind a Juventus frontman in his eyes.

Kohli added: “It’s a personal preference. Messi is a freak, absolute natural talent, and his ability is second to none.

“For me, what stands out is the ability or the will to put in the effort in every single minute of the game.

“Ronaldo’s drive separates him from everyone else. Playing at the top level, everyone has talent, but I don’t think anyone has the will that he has.”

Messi edged his latest battle with Ronaldo, as he landed the FIFA Best award for 2019, but both will soon be back chasing down another Golden Ball along with domestic and European crowns with their respective clubs.

No Neymar, no Cavani, Verratti unfit: Decimated PSG in huge trouble against Man Utd

Thomas Tuchel’s side are already looking at playing “Plan D” when they face Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side at Old Trafford on Tuesday

When Paris Saint-Germain were paired with Manchester United in the last 16 of the Champions League, it seemed they had been given a green light towards the quarter-finals.

The Old Trafford club were toiling under the dour negativity of Jose Mourinho, the Parc des Princes side were flourishing, winning regularly and scoring freely.

Barely two months on, though, and the tables are turned.

Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, United have rediscovered their customary swagger, while this clash could not have come at a worse time for PSG.

Not only have they hit a rocky patch of form, they also face the journey to Old Trafford with a squad that suddenly looks threadbare.

While there is a strong argument that a team with the resources of PSG should not find themselves in such a patchwork state – one that even head coach Thomas Tuchel would doubtless subscribe to – the stark reality is that as they prepare to face Solskjaer’s outfit is that they suddenly look short on quality.

Luck has played its role, deserting the Parc des Princes club at a vital juncture. Neymar, the game’s most expensive player, has suffered a reoccurrence of a foot injury, while Edinson Cavani is sidelined with a thigh problem sustained in the process of scoring the only goal of his side’s 1-0 win over Bordeaux at the weekend.

Both are certainly out of the trip in midweek and very probably the return in Paris next month.

“It’s too much,” Tuchel lamented to Canal+ after watching his side struggle to three more points on Saturday. “These are quality players who are here for the decisive matches in the Champions League, to play at the best level. It’s not possible to lose all of the players capable of fighting at this standard.

“We don’t have a backup to Edi, we don’t have a backup to Neymar.

“We’re no longer looking at Plan B but Plan D.”

Although Kylian Mbappe is available, PSG’s lack of offensive depth is belied by the fact that Eric-Maxim Choupo Moting, a man with only one goal in 595 minutes on the field, is the only other natural option at centre-forward for the next month.

Meanwhile, Timothy Weah, who has twice the goals in around quarter of the time, was shipped out on loan to Scottish champions Celtic just a couple of weeks ago.

But while the headline issues are at the vanguard of the team, there are concerns that are just as chronic in the heart of the field.

Marco Verratti seems to have won his race against time and an ankle problem to be fit for this clash, though after just an hour at the weekend, there is no doubt that he will be lacking the sharpness required to be at his absolute best.

Alongside him in the midfield, it promises to be a lottery as to who plays.

Adrien Rabiot is back training with the squad after being frozen out due to his ongoing contract dispute but has not played since early December and was not even among the substitutes at the weekend, while Leandro Paredes has played barely two hours of football with his new team-mates, virtually all of which came against third-tier opponents.

Dani Alves has been used as a central midfielder of late, but the likelihood is that he is asked to feature in his natural right-back role due to a concussion suffered by Thomas Meunier at the weekend.

Marquinhos, a centre-back by trade, is the man perhaps likeliest to feature.

Though constrained by the bonds of Financial Fair Play, PSG have been plunged into this ill-timed crisis by transfer window mismanagement. The lack of depth in attack and midfield are issues that have not been properly addressed in two transfer periods and it is little wonder that Tuchel is publicly at odds with sporting director Antero Henrique.

“You must ask Antero!” Tuchel responded after being asked why PSG had only one midfielder available for their first Champions League clash of the season, when their failure to sign a midfielder in August was still an open wound.

That match had ended in a 3-2 loss to Liverpool at Anfield, in which the French champions had given a performance so poor that they were flattered by such a narrow reverse. Only the quality of Neymar and Mbappe had saved from a true embarrassment.

History could just as easily repeat itself on Tuesday, when they are back in England against opponents suddenly resurgent. This time, though, they are without two-thirds of their star offensive trio to dig them out.

Indeed, there is already a sense of déjà vu heading into this tie, as it was around this time last year that Neymar suffered his initial metatarsal injury, keeping him out of the home second leg of a last-16 time against Real Madrid that was not yet decided.

But while the loss of such a player cannot be accounted for, it can be mitigated, and over an extended period, PSG have failed to take adequate precautions. The repercussions, however, may well be severe: another early European exit looms.  

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'Alisson is one of the strongest goalkeepers in Europe' – Liverpool impact of £65m man hailed by Dida

The Reds’ big-money signing has seen his qualities saluted by a fellow Brazilian, with his presence considered to be aiding the cause at Anfield

Alisson is “one of the strongest goalkeepers in Europe”, according to Dida, with Liverpool getting full value from a £65 million ($84m) signing who was always destined for the top.

The Reds spent big luring the Brazil international away from Roma in the summer of 2018, with that deal briefly making the 26-year-old the most expensive shot-stopper of all time.

Addressing issues between the sticks was considered to be a top priority for Jurgen Klopp, with Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius having struggled to prove their worth.

Alisson has experienced no such troubles during his time at Anfield, with his manager conceding that he would happily have paid more for a proven performer of such quality and potential.

Dida is not surprised to see a fellow countryman starring in England, with the 2002 World Cup winner telling the Liverpool Echo: “I could see his qualities from the very beginning.

“He was very agile and quick to read the offensive schemes. It was very clear to me that he would become a top player .

“I did not give him any particular advice, but when you train together I think everyone tries to get something from the other to improve.

“The only advice I gave him is to be always focused and always participate in the game even when the ball is far away. This helps team-mates to be more relaxed and to trust you.”

Alisson’s efforts in his debut campaign at Liverpool have helped to push the club into contention for the Premier League title.

He boasts the best defensive record in the division, with 13 clean sheets to his name, and remains on course to collect the coveted Golden Glove.

“Liverpool have conceded only 15 goals in the Premier League – they have the best defence,” Dida added.

“Clearly, it’s thanks to the whole team but certainly Alisson’s personality gives more confidence to defenders and consequently to the whole team.

“Alisson is one of the strongest goalkeepers in Europe. You could already see his huge potential when he was a kid.”

Dida added on Liverpool’s claims to major honours this season after finding a reliable last line of defence: “Klopp is doing a great job with Liverpool.

“He has qualified for the Champions League in the past two seasons and the journey to the final of the competition last May was fantastic.

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“He is a coach with a great degree of enthusiasm for his job and I think the team perceives it. They are doing great this season and competing for trophies. It’s a team that entertains and it is amazing to watch them play.”