200+ Organizations Denounce Profound Impact of Latest Trumpcare Bill

As dozens of people with disabilities flooded the U.S. Senate building on Monday to protest the Graham-Cassidy proposal, the Republicans’ latest attempt to dismantle the national healthcare system, a coalition of more than 200 organizations sent a letter to senators opposing the bill.

“This proposal will eliminate affordable quality healthcare for millions of Americans by gutting the Affordable Care Act (ACA); slash federal funding and destroy Medicaid by turning its funding into per capita caps; eliminate the Medicaid expansion; and defund Planned Parenthood health centers,” the letter reads.

“We urge you to oppose passage of the Graham-Cassidy bill,” it continues, “and instead focus on moving forward with bipartisan efforts on market stabilization and other critical issues to improve access to affordable healthcare for all people in the United States.”

The Senate is currently considering the legislation, and is scheduled to vote on it this week, before the rules allowing passage by a simple majority expire. However, stated opposition from key Republican senators has led to speculation that the measure may not be put to a vote. Even so, opponents have remained committed to raising alarms about the proposal.